Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hverdagsrute del 4 - On my way to work part 4

Dette bilder er tatt like ved der dragebildene ble tatt. Nå har det som sagt regnet lenge i Oslo. Men de dagene det ikke regner er det deilig å høre sildringen fra denne fontenen. Dråpene lager ringer i vannet som forsterkes av brosteinen som danner bunnen i fontenen. Dette er vakker og harmonisk arkitektur midt i "tjukkeste" Oslo.

This picture was taken right beside where the dragon pictures were taken. As mentioned in previous posts it has rained for more than three weeks in Oslo. But on days when it doesn't rain I love to listen to how the water drops down and mingles with the rest of the water in th fountain. The drops makes circle in the water which are emphasized by the bricks that form the bottom of the fountain. This beautiful and harmonic architecture is in the middle of down town Oslo.


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