Thursday, September 13, 2007

sakte - slow

Jeg har innsett at jeg er en treg håndarbeider. Jeg blir like imponert hver gang jeg ser at andre slik som Kajsa, Mette og Tanya syr sammen både en, to og tre prosjekt i løpet av en helg. Dette babyteppet begynte jeg på for fire måneder siden, og det burde ha vært ferdig for lenge siden. Heldigvis jobber jeg nå med de siste detaljene… bare et lite korsstingmotiv igjen så er jeg ferdig.

I have come to the realisation that I am a slow crafter. I become so impressed every time I see fellow crafters like Kajsa, Mette or Tanya who whip up one, to or even three things during a week end. This baby quilt I started four months ago and it should have been finished long time ago. The good thing is that I am working on the last details… one more cross stitch detail to go.


  1. i love that crown [slow and steady is good!]

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words! I think I will have to work even faster if I want to live on this... Or become better at mass producing. I love that cute quilt of yours!

  3. Thank you for that nice (patient) comment Lisa!

    Kajsa; I'm sure that with your skills you will get an even better hang of it that you already have!

  4. Thanks for your nice comments on my drop by often.

    You have a lovely blog here:-)


  5. I believe each project has its own 'gestation'... some go quickly, others take their own sweet time. sometimes when I have the whole design worked out in my mind beforehand, the making it goes fast. But then there are those projects that don't reveal the next step so readily... but when it does come, it works out so well! Your project is looking really lovely!

  6. Thank you Boltandfrolic for the kind thoughts on slow projects. I will reead them again each time I'm struggling with a projects that demands time and patience.


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