Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to sew on lining... and gardening

I finished the jacket I began knitting in February, but still need to sew on the lining for the inner flab. I have red the instructions over and over again, but still don’t understand how to do it. Does anyone have experience with this or perhaps even have a photo tutorial? A photo tutorial, now that would do wonders! I guess I’ll do and undo it until I get it right.

My window garden has grown these last days and I love watching. I’m a complete amateur at gardening so there is no guarantee they will survive, but I hope they do, because I have so many plans for how to use the herbs. The oregano will be used to make delicious Greek baked chicken with lemon, olive oil and…oregano. If I get enough Basil I will try to make my very own pesto and the chives will be used for my favourite potato salad. I hope they will grow fast… I’m getting hungry.


  1. Look at those darling little seedlings reaching for the light!

    As for your lining - I just dropped off a sweater at my local yarn shop for someone ELSE to sew in the zipper! I have no idea how to do that by hand and I don't have the ambition to do it myself. That's my advice. Pay someone to do it. hee hee

  2. ....or you could visit a friend in the neighbourhood....!!! ;-)

  3. I can't help you with the lining question, but just had to comment on how perfectly lovely your knitting is - such even stitches. Please show us the finished product.

  4. Good luck on your lining. Sorry I can't help you -- but I'd love to read about how you solve your problem!

  5. Good luck with your lining sorry i can't help much either i don't know how to knit. >_< I will share it here if you if come accross anything. Have a wonderful weekend and love to you!


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