Monday, February 22, 2010

10 things that make me happy

Valerie challenged me to share ten simple things that make me happy... This should be easy if it wasn’t for the fact that there are lots of things that make me happy. But I’ll try:

1 :: spring, sprouts & sunlight
2 :: breakfast together with friends
3 :: when my daughter makes funny faces to make me smile
4 :: dark chocolate filled with ginger and lemon
5 :: laughing together with mr. Yonder

6 :: beach sand under my toes & the sound of waves
7 :: the words “summer afternoon”
8 :: when crafting ideas “pop” into my head
9 :: hot coco with cinnamon

10 :: decorating for Christmas

I pass on this challenge to ten other wonderful bloggers, and each and one of you can decide if you take the challenge or not:


P.S. Did you notice how I sneaked in more than ten things in my list *smile*


  1. Good list - I must go think up 10 now - although like you I think I will have difficulty limiting the number!!

  2. That is a beautiful list.
    I can see why all these make you happy...makes me happy too.
    I will think... I'll be back.
    fun. fun.

  3. your blog makes me happy! kisses!

  4. I love your #1!

    Okay, here are my 10:
    1. The quiet of freshly fallen snow.
    2. Chris reading to me (while I knit).
    3. My dad sending me photos (his garden, his kayak on the lake...).
    4. The late morning light in my bay window.
    5. Coit Tower at night.
    6. The early morning SF>Sausalito ferryboat ride.
    7. Puppies (actually...small animals of all sorts).
    8. Really good salad greens.
    9. Early morning visits to Caffe Trieste.
    10. The way my mom writes recipes.

  5. LOL! was thinking of doing the same... but i was good and only did ten :)
    great list
    i loved my visist here and shall be back soon again

  6. I was just mopping the floors when I remembered that I forgot to say THANK YOU for tagging me. I put my list up this morning friend. It is taking off.. I am seeing lists all over from people being tagged. SO fun! Thank you thank you, and back to mopping I go.. must be this nesting thing :)
    With love,

  7. P.S
    I really enjoy your list and I will now try my hot cocoa with a bit of cinnamon.

  8. Oh, thank you for tagging me! I like your 10 things! Especially, 6 and 7!
    I can't wait for the Summer!

  9. Denise, I love your number two and number ten. Ten reminds me of my grandmother on my mothers side. She has such a beautiful handwriting and would always make small tags, notes, & write down recipes.

  10. i think #1 is in order for me. What an enjoyable list.
    happy weekend.

  11. oh yes, i see a lot of chocolate in there. and bring on the sunshine!

  12. Herleg liste! :) Eg trur eg står over utfordringa, men takkar likevel; det varmar å vere blandt dei 10 du har valt ut!

    Ha ei fortsatt god helg! :)


  13. What a wonderful grandmother. Handwritten recipes are the best. Does anyone use recipe cards anymore? I haven't seen one in a very long time. I wish they were still exchanged.

  14. Thank you for the smiles!


Thank you for letting me know you were here!