Monday, February 08, 2010

An old lady's wisdom

Thank you everyone for you tips. So many good ideas! I loved the idea of pulling it like a draw string. I would never have thought of that. And if the yarn was shrinkable (I don’t know if it is) that would also be a perfect way of making it smaller which would also make the hat warmer. Thank you for offering your support Sarah, perhaps I’ll call you next time I need to rip up something.

As you can see I went for the rip up solution.

I think I have said what I’m about to tell you before, but a good thing can not be repeated too often. Some years ago an old Spanish lady shared her crafters wisdom with me. This wisdom chimes inside my head every time I have to rip up or redo something. She said:

“Once you finish a project no one is going to ask you how much time it took you, they will only look at the end result”.

She was wise


  1. I think ripping in the best idea! I'm always a bit of a perfectionist! I think the Spanish proverb is very good!

  2. Wise words, indeed. I can easily rip in the beginning, but once I pass a certain stage, it's so hard for me to start over. I get too attached...

  3. I was just thinking that I'd like all of my hand knits to have a label accounting for all the time, trials and tribulations that went into that garmet. But then, again - no one cares but for the end result. It's true!!!

  4. Aij, bueno, seguro que valdrá la pena el tiempo invertido y el resultado será admirado!

  5. Great proverb and way to go with the brave task! :)

  6. Very true. To be honest, am glad you figured it out it was the best to rip. I have knit a whole sweater twice before, so don't feel bad about ripping!

  7. You have to love the process if the time doesn't matter, right? That's the beauty of being in the flow, loving the process.

    Now, to convince myself that. I had to rip out a project I was making for Christmas, which I really enjoyed making. But I have been too stubborn to pick it up and start over. I think about it and even long to knit it...

    (I even posted a picture of the yarn looking like noodles:

    Talk me into restarting now!

  8. That is a great quote and so true.

    I know the agony of ripping something out, have done done endless times...however I seek more comfort in ripping the yarn up, than ripping my hair out...

  9. Ja, klokt!
    Då gjorde det kanske inget att jag höll på med samma sockar i 7-8 år...=)


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