Tuesday, February 16, 2010

three in one

How was your Valentine Sunday?

Here in Norway Valentine coincided with mothers’ day, and “Fastelaven”. Almost like a kinder surprise egg; three special occasions in one day. Perfect, in these times of economic crisis.

I was preparing a post on how we try to not buy things on this kind of special days, and instead celebrate by spending time together.

However, I had to delete that post and start all over because when I woke up Sunday morning this was waiting for me in the living room. A lovely surprise from my super duper mr. Yonder. I love my new necklace.

After a long and lazy Sunday breakfast we made fastelaven buns filled with whipped cream and dusted with confectionary sugar. All in all a perfect day.


  1. I am jealous...! Well, not really, but happy that you had a great day of good things! Good things come in three's, right?

  2. What a perfect day. I think I need a fastelaven bun--yum!

  3. nice !
    and... happy mother's day xo

  4. Yes! What a great day. Waking up Sunday to something so wonderful as that beautiful necklace. What a thoughtful Mr. Yonder.

  5. Hmmmm. That bun thing sounds like something Icelandic - Bolludagur ...

    Must look into a holiday that includes cream filled buns.

    What a beautiful gift - the necklace and the thought.

  6. That is so nice...beautiful necklace and fastelavens boller...sounds like perfection to me.

  7. heh heh.
    I just wrote about my valentine "gift."
    Not the same as yours!

    I love the necklace. he has good taste.

    I think we will be visiting Norway this summer. Can't wait. My ancestors are Norwegian. Maybe I'll find some roots.

  8. sometimes it's lovely to get a gift ! :D


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