Sunday, October 24, 2010

September in Yonder

What I thought would be a summer break from blogging has turned into several silent months. I want to go back to normal blogging but it seems I’m out of words and things I think interesting to share. And then I read your blogs and realize there are tons of things I want to share with you. So I will start writing my 1-2 posts a week again. Today I share a photo summary of September.

spending time in the garden with friends and neighbours.

our friends F & A's wedding in Barcelona.

cleanup crew.

partying after the ceremony. This has been one big party summer (... meaning two parties, our own wedding included). I feel young again.

This bar in the Born area of Barcelona is owned and run by an Australian. They made excellent mojitos!

a sunday walk in the sun.

smelling the jasmine.

outdoor family dinner.

at the market bying ingredients for making panellets.

I wasn't the only one druling over these candies


  1. Welcome back! We missed you!! Just general life is interesting to readers when it isn't their own!! September looks lovely! I too had some sun in Venice and enjoyed a little relaxing. Now I can hardly believe that October is almost over too!

  2. It seems you have quite a few interesting things to share. What fun you've been having.

  3. Weeeeee! What a great post. Rich in pictures. That little boy at the candy counter is hilarious!


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