Monday, October 04, 2010

Wedding in Yonder

I don’t really know what to write this time…

We had planned this day for a year. It was time consuming, we planned it in Yonder, really we did. Neither here nor there, but with the help of internet and telephone we did it somewhere inbetween. We argued. A test. Yet another test of our relationship. We got to know eachother better (there is always something to learn). We are stronger now. Better prepared for the next test. I  had a couple of bridezilla moments (but just a few).

And then the day was there. We were determened to enjoy it. Everyone already married told us it would go by fast. We were more determined to enjoy. Every little bit of it. Every little thing. And we did.

It was a beautiful day.
One that we will never forget.
One that still makes us happy inside when we think of it.

What was the best part you ask? ...It must be seeing the happy faces of our family and friends. Feeling their happiness and love for us. Seeing and feeling how they enjoyed the day every bit as much as we did.

Oh, and of course … seeing our friends (and some family members) going bananas on the dance floor as if no one was watching!


  1. I am so glad that you had a day to remember! Nothing better than a fantastic wedding......and one planned from afar - even more impressive!

    Everyone has to have a bridezilla moment or 2!!

  2. So glad everything was fantastic. Loved the peonies....beautiful!

  3. it sounds like a grand day :)there is nothing like dancing the night away at a wedding to celebrate LOVE! we have a wedding in the family soon! i can't wait!

    i've loved hearing from you and sent you a long e-mail the other day to catch up.. only to lose it all because it said "noreply". o well.
    anyhow i wanted to tell you thank you for posting astrids baby cap long ago. this is where i first saw that beautiful little hat and had to make one for my babe!

  4. Tillykke:-) Det lyder som om I havde en rigtig vidunderlig dag, som I altid vil huske. Dejligt.

  5. Many congratulations on your wedding ... sounds like you had a wonderful party :)
    Oh, and beautiful photos in following post!

  6. this is a great to hear. not the stressful part of course, don't get me wrong, but tests are part of our lives.
    as you were getting married, it was our 18th anniversary (yes i was young) & although my husband doesn't celebrate, it still amazes me !

  7. Ohhh Valerie, Congratulations on your 18 years together!!! That is truly an accomplishment, lots of hard work & love!


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