Monday, December 13, 2010

3rd Sunday of Advent

Having Astrid has made me think more thoroughly on how we would like to celebrate Christmas… and what we in a busy life can expect from ourselves to manage. We need to find the right balance between this so that we grown ups can enjoy the season as much as Astrid and any future kids.

I am big on traditions even if I have had to learn to be flexible the last 10 years. If Astrid is anything like me… or just 10 % like me she will want her Christmas to be the same every year. So we need to think our celebration through, because once it is “set” I suspect it might be difficult to change.

One thing I think we want to do is having friends over to bake ginger bread cookies. It is a tradition that can be implemented in an advent activity calendar; as well as unite us with friends in an otherwise busy time.

As a fun Advent experiment we tried out gingerbread cookies baking with neighbours and friends on Saturday. The experiment went well and I think this is a keeper for our tradition.

Christmas music was played, dough and cookies were eaten. I whipped together an apple cake for the grown ups (it disappeared shortly after the picture was taken… not a crumb was left) with some Gløgg. Glasses of cold milk were consumed by the shorties wee guests.

(I was going to check the spelling of shorty in plural when I found out through urban dictionary that shorty originally used to mean a young man and that commercial rappers now use the word as an affectionate term for a girlfriend, attractive female or concubine…would you, my English speaking readers, have made me aware of this mistake or would you have let it go by and stored it under “crazy norwegian”… *smile* ...Wonder how many other blunts like this I have made in the past).

To add to the Advent cozyness I took out some of our Christmas stuff and decorated the house for the occasion. This year our house will be decorated with some reds, greens and whites + a dash of nature.

The gingerbread cookie tradition is now set in Yonder.

What are traditions in your households that you try to do every year?


  1. Es bonito ir preparando la Navidad con distintas actividades. Veo que el fin de semana lo pasasteis muy bien. Acabad de disfrutar mucho estos días.

  2. Yo estoy como tú, empezando a pensar en las celebraciones. De momento encendemos velas de adviento todos los días, les he hecho un calendario de adviento del que sacamos un adorno cada día y he puesto un nacimiento con figuras de madera (resistentes a los "shorties" ;-)).

  3. I think you are doing a wonderful job. I too think traditions are so important because that really brings it all together and have something to look forward too....and when you are away from your family you have your "special" traditons" it still feels like you have little piece of home with you....and ofcourse it will Astrid something beautiful to pass on to her little ones...(I mean "shorties"..hehe)

  4. it looks like you had great time ... I will try the gingerbread cookies soon, do you have a recipe to share ? (my mail :

  5. Your gingerbread cookie tradition seems wonderful. Great idea. I wish we had more tradition here, but with two sets of divorced parents and Christmas spent somewhere different almost every year, well, it's tough to implement tradition. At this time we do think about the year that is coming to a close and all that we've done. This is one tradition we are able to keep no matter where we are and that makes me happy.

  6. Traditions in Yonder sound so wonderful. Our kids enjoy routine and same things every year but this year, my little one got more involved in our tree decorating event. We also make gingerbread cookies, and am loving how you bake with friends. Have all the joy this season!


  7. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful tradition! There are so many things I wish I'd started when our children were little -- Advent calendars especially. We always seemed to be too busy to do them.

    You're so smart to think it through now. We get in big trouble if we try to change our traditions -- there are some things that the kids just will not deviate on -- most of them are the things that we eat. We have a yearly gingerbread competition in our family and now that the kids are grown, they love competing with each other. It's sometimes a challenge to find a time when they will all be home too. Also, we (my sister's family, my family, and my parents) all spend Christmas Eve at the same house, so we can all wake up together on Christmas morning. It's been great fun over the years.

    I wouldn't have known the difference with your use of shorty. I didn't know the meaning you quoted and would have just assumed you meant the children!

  8. Dearest sweet anna, you advent candles are soo that gorgeous photo! Gingerbread cookie and apple pie baking are our traditions! :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  9. you must have the coziest life ever! even your cookie cutters are super amazing. it's nice to read about your traditions. very sweet.

  10. Que lindas fotos y que navideñ ha encantado tu frase, la pensé cuando iba a desarmar y me sentí más motivada ;) un abrazo fuerte

  11. Lovely pictures!! These are pretty holiday ornaments!!! Yes, Christmas is next week! Enjoy your day!

    ps. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. The market was great though it was rainstorm...

  12. Hello Anne Marie,
    You won my Chrismas give away!
    Please send me your adress.
    Maybe it will be in time for Christmas!
    Love your blog!!!

  13. Hi Anne Marie, I love love your Advent candles. Next Sunday we can lit them all!! Happy post, your home is all ready for the Christmas season.
    Have a lovely evening. xx

  14. Looks wonderful. She will love it. Please come say hi. I am doing a giveaway of rock music, from my Dec. 9 post. Check it out if you wish. :)

  15. cosy !!! i can feel the smell of cookies :-)

  16. o i love traditions as well! we have been plugging away at ours here. it is a busy time indeed with little ones -- shorties :) he hee :)
    and you are so right to find a balance so all can enjoy the season.
    one of our traditions this morning.. reading Noisy Village. I love that book!
    May you have many blessings in your merry making friend and a sweet hello to Astrid..

  17. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, si no entiendes alguna cosa, en mi blog tengo también el traductor de google, y si no, me lo preguntas y te respondo siproblemas, jeje.
    Oye, veo que tienes un caga tió por aquí, me gusta! Bon nadal!

  18. Denise: I can understand how that can be a challenge... just give it time. Once you define your own family you can also define what traditions you want to make. Keeping things simple is often a success. At least for us.

    Camilla: Would you let us know one tradition you have brought with you from Oslo to Montana?

    Isabelle: I have found a recipe for you I just need to find out how to translate one of the ingredients.

    Saskia: They have alle been lit by now! :-)

    To everyone else: Happy to see you around and reading your kind and cheerful words!


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