Wednesday, December 22, 2010

bird feeder part deux

I don’t know if it can be called decoration, but I wanted to keep it simple and natural. I assume it will attract the birds easier this way. Although I have doubts about if they will find the food hanging from the branch.

I think I read some where that birds look for food in the places they have found food before and that it might take some time for them to discover new food places. Persistency is my game then. Persistency and hope. And ten bird seed balls.

The bird seed ball hanging from the blue 100% merino yarn (of course) is also very easy to make. Simply put a selection of bird seeds into paper cups, heat up fat and pour the warm fat over the seeds while still warm and runny. Once the fat has cooled take the fat balls out of the paper cups. If they are stuck, you can tear the paper cup off.

Oh, and I tied the yarn to a coin with a hole in the middle (the one kroner coin has a hole in the middle. I did not do that myself). The coin was pushed down among the bird seeds before I poured the warm fat over the seeds.

Now I will sit down by the window with a cup of tea and a couple of my favourite Christmas books and wait.


  1. Good luck! I am sure you will attract some lovely birds - my parents bird feeders attract lots of birds = big and small = and a couple of squirrels!

  2. They will come, I know they will come.

  3. Håper du snart får besøk av mange fuglevener utanfor vindaget ditt! :)

    Ha ei riktig god jul! ♥


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