Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brooklyn tweed love

Back in October Denise asked us on her blog if we would like a simple scarf to keep us warm this winter. I signed up for the giveaway right away and loved the idea of having a scarf made by her on the other side of the Atlantic. She would pick one reader and the lucky reader could choose the colour from Brooklyn Tweed’s palette and let her know which one was our favourite.

My two favourite colours from the palette was “homemade jam” and “soot”, and since I love surprises I asked her to choose which of the two if I happened to be the lucky winner.

Well, I was! I was the lucky winner! And two weeks ago a soft envelope arrived at the post office. Inside was this beautiful soot - grey - Brooklyn Tweed - made by Denise - scarf. I have worn it since as it has the perfect length, is warn and accents my brown feather filled winter jacket.

It truly feels special that someone I only know through blogland has made this scarf for me. I love my gift. Thank you very much Denise!

Together with the scarf she had put an extra surprise for me, a cotton bag from the Kinokuniya bookstore in San Francisco! Either she was on a lucky struck (or me depending on how you see it) or she knows me better than I thought. I love the Kinokuniya bookstores. Back in 2008 when we visited San Francisco that was one of the few places that we (I) had planned to visit before we travelled. I spent three hours in the bookstore, and only left because my poor husbands patience could not be stretched an inch more and neither could my swollen pregnant feet.

I love my gifts.


  1. You received lovely gifts from Denise.. Lucky you!
    It looks really warm and I love the color!

  2. Ouch. What a great gift. Soot is a lovely shade. I've worked with the yarn in the same shade and it's beautiful.
    I grinned about Kinokuniya - I did the same exact thing in Bangkok, pregnant in the heat of October! I wish I knew about all the craft books they stock but I didn't. I was more mesmerized by the cookbooks...!

  3. Wow -- what a wonderful gift. It looks soft and fluffy -- it's beautiful!

  4. That was so nice of her! And you took lovely pictures, too.

  5. What a lucky guess. I had no idea you'd visited Kinokuniya. I especially love perusing their sewing, knitting, crochet, well, all of their craft books. I'm so happy you are happy. Thank you for such a sweet thank you.

  6. So you were the lucky winner. All is forgiven, you have such a beautiful way with appreciation.

  7. Lucky lucky you in Yonder. That's a beautiful-looking scarf, cosy and elegant, and to have someone you don't know make it for you is pretty special.

  8. beautiful scarf !!! good that you were spoiled ! I went to the Kinokuniya/San Francisco in 2009 I absolutely love it ! it was hard to go back out with 3 or 4 books only !!


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