Monday, December 17, 2012

The smell of Christmas

There is nothing like baking gingerbread cookies to get into the Christmas spirit. Presents are bought, decorations are out and now the house smells like Christmas.

Less stress than last year (meaning I began preparations earlier), still there are always some last minute chores. Mine is to get to the post office in time to send the three last presents.

Besides that, the last days before Christmas will be spent with our kids, listening to our favourite Christmas music and making one or another Christmas decoration. Not because we have to, just for the fun of it.

I am hoping these moments, different from our every day life stress, will become part of their childhood memories.

How is Christmas coming along in your house?


  1. I think I want to come to Christmas at your house ;-)

    Mine is chaos......and it's only me! I will head to my parents soon and see friends, spend quiet time knitting, try to run most days (that's the least likely thing to happen), eat good food, see the relatives etc.

  2. I am looking forward to going home to my parents in 3 days, then the christmas spirit will come over me - I hope.
    With baking cookies, making food, wrapping presents, bringing in the tree and decorating it, movie watching, teadriking, kitty-time, and perhaps a bit of knitting :)

  3. those cookies look very nice ... and so nice for you not stressing around.
    No small kids in my home ... so our christmas will be extremely minimal.

  4. Dearest sweet Anne, the cookies are looking so delicious and beautiful!! Happy holidays and have a lovely merry happy Christmas!! Keep warm and love to you!

  5. Oh YUM! Those little house cookies and those teeny tiny little cookies with the candies are delightful. Ok. I'm making some tomorrow. (because I have nothing else to do . . . wink) Your photos really capture the colors . . . even the smells. Mmmmmm.

    Merry Christmas from across the pond!


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