Friday, February 15, 2013

everyday babies

Life is calm in Yonder while I am enjoying my last two weeks of maternity leave. Once a week I get together with four other moms and we let the wee ones play while we share our staying at home experiences. It is such a good support to have a moms group like that.

And when our babies fall asleep in their car chairs we enjoy a calm lunch and a cup of tea

After spending the last 6 and a half months at home I am actually looking forward to get back to work. Daddy Yonder will have 12 weeks of paternity leave and then it's my turn again to spend time with little a until august when kindergarten begins (if we are lucky enough to get a spot).


  1. Sabes que desde aquí vuestros permisos de maternidad y paternidad suenan de maravilla. Unas fotos preciosas.

  2. haha! looks like they are making plans for going out in the first pic. :)
    sending you big hugs!

  3. Looks like a nice supportive environment for all. Well done.


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