Thursday, March 21, 2013

the toy basket {tutorial}

I finally got around to finish the tutorial and boy do I have a new found appreciation and respect for people making sewing tutorials on a regular basis. It makes the sewing process completely different when you have to stop and think about every little step you do. I forgot to take photos a couple of times, hence the drawings, but I think it worked out ok. Have fun with it!

Iron the outer piece and flatten the seams. Place the outer piece on top of the Viledon and cut the Viledon a bit bigger than the outer piece (approximately 0,5 cm on each side).

Place the outer piece on the Viledon and iron (I have Viledon with adhesive). I bought my Viledon at "Stoff & Stil" (a shop in Norway) but you can also buy online. If you are using something other than Viledon make sure you pin before you sew (and if you are a control freak like me you also pin when using Viledon).

A few words about the Viledon in case you haven't used it before. The reason I use Viledon instead of cotton batting or any other batting is because the Viledon is a bit stiffer. It keeps the shape better, and since I am going to hang this toy box I need it to be sturdy. However, if you wash it several times it will lose some (or all) of its stiffness.

Now we are going to box the corners of the lining. With the sewn lining still rights sides together, match the side seam with the bottom (it must be the in the middle of the bottom. Where you normally would have the bottom seam if you had made the lining of two pieces of fabric instead of one like we have done).

This will create a point or “peak”. Make sure that there is as much fabric left and right of the seam and then pin to hold in place. The more exact you do this, the better the corners will look. Press the seam open.

From the 6.5 cm mark you position your ruler and draw a line perpendicular to the seam line. Sew along this line. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam. For added strength you can sew across this line two or three times.

Trim away the corner. Now you do all the "boxing corner steps" for the other corner of the lining. And when you are done with that you repeat the process for the corners of your outer layer. When this is done you have one outer toy basket and one lining toy basket. Set them both aside. Next we are going to make the velcro straps for the toy basket.

Begin by cutting your 20cm long velcro into four 5cm pieces (or the size that makes them fit you fabric strips). Set aside. Now take your 32x4cm strips and sew into straps. 

My first velcro rectangular is placed 2 cm from the top end and the second one is placed 18 cm from the top end. I have placed the velcro acording to how far down I want the fabric toy basket to hang. You could also put more velcro squares to have the possibility of changing the length of the straps.

When you have sewn the four velcros on, fold the straps, pin them and sew the open side to finish of the straps.

Pin the straps on each side og of what will be the back side of the toy basket. For sturdyness sew two or three times over the same place when sewing the straps on.

You are just a few steps from having your fabric toy basket, so hang in there for the last steps. 

Now take your lining basket and put it inside the outer layer basket. Right sides together. 

Begin pinning the two baskets togeter in each of the two corners, before you pin the rest.

Sew the two baskets togeter and turn the basket right side out through the opening in the lining.

Pin the toy basket again so that the layers will not move while you sew. Sew right below the edge of the basket. Sew the opening in the lining by hand with slip stitch.

Believe it or not, you are done, your Toy Basket is finished.

Hang it up on the day bed & begin tidying toys you would like to put out of the way but have near by.

If you make one for toys or if you make one but use it for something completely different, I'd love to see it!


  1. Smart!
    Nå er begge ungene mine for store til sprinkelseng (snart), men slike hengekurver er jo kjekke på både bad og yttergang også!
    Du vant forresten min lille give away, så send meg en e-post med din adresse, så får du ny lue i posten etter påske:)

    1. Jippi! Adresse på vei :-)

      Så deilig at du snart er ferdig med sprinkelseng (og alt det andre babystashet som sprinkelsengbrukere også gjerne har).

  2. CUTE !! i wish i had time to make one ;)
    [and yes ! tutorials are not easy to put together, huh?]

  3. I love this tutorial! the fabrics are very beautiful!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial - do you know anywhere I can get Viledon in the US or maybe a substitute I can use?


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