Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Missing buttons & new hat

May is always such a busy month, and this year in no different. I am desperately looking for the yellow buttons, but cannot find them anywhere - where on earth did I put them after taking the photos??? Also, May Seventeenth is soon coming up and we are hosting this year which among other things means baking an amazing cake (help!)

While I am still searching for the buttons, and preparing the menu for our celebration of the Norwegian constitution day, I thought I show you the beautiful hat I won at a giveaway over at Smilehull.

I am in love with this hat! Perfect for spring since it is not to warm…and the yarn is so soft… I need to go back to her original post to see if she wrote what yarn she used.

Off searching for the buttons, I’ll be back very soon!


  1. Your new hat is really lovely! The colours are great.

    I hope you find the buttons soon - I am always misplacing things.....I think it's age.

    I look forward to hearing about your menu for the 17th!

    1. Age? Not until some 30-40 years more! I call it creative misplacement:-)

      About the 17th; I'll take a photo of the table and write what everything is.

  2. Good Luck with the button search. Your new hat is beautiful -- you look cute as can be wearing it!

  3. Pretty hat!

    I haven't made this cake, but it looks deliciously indulgent. Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream. http://www.cucinanicolina.com/the-tuesday-treat-chocolate-cake-w-salted-caramel-buttercream

  4. Good luck with the buttons, I hope yoy will find them, they were beautiful!!


  5. Hope you find your buttons ... and the hat suits you very nice :)

  6. Un gorro genial!! Yo lo tengo pineado, a ver si para el invierno que viene aprendo ;)

  7. I found them! I'll sew them on today and show you later this week :-)

  8. Så bra at lua kom fram og at den falt i smak! :)
    Den ser knallfin ut på deg!
    De gule knappene var helt herlige, håper du finner dem snart!


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