Monday, September 09, 2013

Left over stripes

Summer is over. Although temperatures in Oslo still are summerish I have begun planning knitting projects for this fall. Some are already on the needles, others are still just in my head.

This sweater however, was knitted last fall from different left over alpaca yarn, on 2.5mm needles, (details in Ravelry). He has grown out of his sweater by now, but still loves to cuddle with it now and again. By the way, look at how his hair colour has changed since then.

I am back to regular posting, and looking forward to share my creative endeavors with you throughout fall and winter. I am also looking forward to all the beautiful things you share and the inspiration that comes with it. Warm hugs to you all.


  1. I love that he recognises good quality yarn when he sees it ;-)

    I look forward to seeing what you make. I too must get back to more regular posting - I have some trips to post about - just back from Shetland, off to the Hague, Switzerland, Utrecht and the English Lake District in the next 4 to 6 weeks and then to Aviles in the north of Spain in the middle of November.

    1. I love your traveling life Diane! This fall I will travel through your posts, so please share :-)

      Aviles is in the same region (Asturias) that my mother is from. Make sure they let you try some "Fabada Asturiana" (bean and sausage stew, I know it sounds boring but it is full of rich & densy flavour). And have some pinxos with Sidra (apple sider)... Can you tell I live Asturias?

  2. Such a sweet boy and lovely sweater!


  3. Awwww, what a little cutie. And that little sweater is adorable! Looking forward to seeing your creative endeavors this next year!

  4. Oh.. what a beautiful sweater!! And the boy is adorable too!! This is a perfect example of how one can use leftovers and still get a perfect result :)

  5. Love the sweater! The recipent is a real cutiepie;-)

  6. thank you everyone for your sweet coments!

  7. helooo! anne marie! i was thinking of you and just had to see how you were doing. you are stuck in my heart :) after receiving your package long ago and seeing your honey jar each day in my kitchen.. holding flowers or crayons or right now dried wheat from the field down the road. i was hoping to see if you were on instagram :) but i don't see it. i sure hope you are well. lovely blog (still of course!)
    lots of love + blessings to you and your family...

  8. What a lovely sweater and adorable little guy.

  9. i just want to pinch those cheeks! :):):) loved looking at your pics from spain. hope the warm weather is holding up. :)
    big hugs!

  10. how fast they grow ... and that little sweater is really nice :)

  11. There were sweaters in this post... I think? Too distracted by the smiles! :). Beautiful.


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