Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eat your heart out

Today I’ll share a gastronomic discovery that we’ve done when in Barcelona. It is no secret that I love everything about food; shopping groceries, reading cook books and recipes, cooking and of course eating delicious meals. Back in august when spending our summer vacation in Barcelona we passed by the restaurant 99.9 % origen(s) but it was full. We decided to make a new try on our next visit and this Christmas we did and succeeded at getting a table.

What makes this restaurant special is that it changes its menu with the seasons, and the kitchen mainly uses ingredients that are typical to each season. Their menu is like a magazine where you can read about the different ingredients and how and when they first were introduced in the Spanish and Catalan kitchen. History and gastronomy in one sitting; can it be better?

I’ll share what I ordered to let you get an idea about the place and why I'm in love with it. For starters I chose toasted bread slice with “almadroc”. The menu says that “The almadroc sauce comes from a medieval recipe and is done from grated cheese, garlic and boiled eggs (see photo). All the ingredients are chopped and mixed with olive oil. This recipe is found in the Sent Sovi book (s. XIV)”.

I ordered rabbit with sweet potato as a main dish. The menu says:” The ancient Romans raised rabbits and hares in the open. Rabbit meat is one of the healthiest due to its low fat content. In this recipe it is cooked with another autumn fruit, a tuber, the sweet potato is a protagonist of the All Saints Festival along with the chestnuts and the “panellets”.

And last but not least I had to have some dessert: Creamy Turron of Jijona (almond paste with whipped cream), with pieces of chocolate cake soaked with rum and crunchy chocolate biscuits.

Eat your heart out!

Passeig del Born 4
Tel. 93 310 75 31


  1. Hola, y sigues en España??
    mira que yo ya fui a este restaurante y la verdad no me pareció tan bueno, voy a darle una segunda oportunidad

  2. Estavamos de vacaciones denavidad. El restaurante tiene varios locales, quizas depende de donde lo se. Suerte con la segunda visita :-)

  3. Sounds like a really interesting way of eating - I'd love to hear the background to dishes and have seasonal ingredients. Thanks for sharing! Looking at the photo I realised I've never seen you two, how I'd love to see a photo of you! Have a great day :) x


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