Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cast On

After stitching a lot lately I have decided to flirt with knitting again, at least as an evening and late night recreation. The stitching will not be forgotten just saved as a daytime and daylight activity.

I have wanted to knit this jacket since I saw it. I can’t remember anymore where I first saw it, but it was six and half stitches’ altering of it by adding fabric to the jacket that convinced me I had to make one. Now that Astrid is here with us I have someone to knit it for too (I would have loved one for myself, but I look terrible in horizontal lines).

My biggest struggle and challenge when I knit is not the knitting technique. If I see a video on how to do a certain thing whether it is purl, knit two together, slip stitch and so on I usually manage to do it. My struggle is to understand the patterns and instructions. I simply don’t know the knitting language, and that frustrates me. A lot.

With this jacket I am only happy not frustrated. I have read through the instructions three times and so far so good. I think I know what I need to do. Let’s see how it turns out.

I am knitting with Drops Karisma (100% wool) and 4mm circular needles.


  1. Det kender jeg godt Anne Marie. Jeg tror at mit tip er i første omgang bare at gøre præcis som der står. Især ved opskrifter, som er godt gennemprøvede. Så kommer forståelsen som regel med. Hvis det stadig ikke giver mening kan det være fordi der er en fejl i opskriften.
    God dag.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished little jacket! I am sure that Astrid will look great in it! Just ask if you don't understand something and we will all see if we can help out!!

  3. Thank you Di for your generous offer! :-)

  4. Looking forward to seeing the finished jacket - you sound like me, knitting just frustrates me so I tend to give up on it - perhaps your little jacket will inspire me to give it another go :)

  5. I hope it can inspire you. So far it has gone amazingly well. It might be my first successful attempt at finishing a knitted garment. I'll post a photo of the progress soon.

  6. I also find getting the sweater to fit right a challenge... and I know what you mean aobut the challenge of reading and understanding patterns. Imagine my confusion when I first came to Norway and tried to knit from Norwegian patterns! Hope this project will go well!


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