Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mrs. Snot sucker

Not much crafting in Yonder this week. Instead I introduce you to Mrs. Snotty our new friend and life saver. Together with salt water nose drops and books to tilt Astrids bed, Mrs. Snotty has been a great help at fighting Astrid’s stuffed nose. My arms however have suffered from carrying her hours after hours and I have now fully bloomed inflammation in both my arms. Yet another reason for why there has been less crafting.

This is how far I got with the jacket before the arms protested and forced me to take a crafting break. So far I am in LOVE with this pattern; I am actually experiencing flow while knitting! That is a first. Finally a garment besides scarfs where my skills matches the knitting challenge.


  1. oooh. so pretty. (the sweater, not the snot-machine)

  2. Oh, I remember those get-the-gook-out contraptions. Glad we don't need them anymore. At least the beginning of your new knitting project looks good...

  3. I am so sorry to hear that your arms have gotten so painful and just when you were really enjoying your knitting! Have you tried any type of baby wearing? We used a "Mobywrap" and carried Lilly in it all the time. Then you can have your hands free. Much better than a baby bjorn on your back. I would be happy to teach you should you want to learn!

    Had such a great time visiting with you! It would be wonderful to get together again soon!

  4. Hi! I love your works!
    This jacket is wonderful! I think you are knitting a very nice pattern!
    Bye bye from Italy

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  6. HELLO,

    I was tagged by
    take the fourth picture from the fourth map on your computer and tag four other bloggers.
    Your one of the luck ones ;)!

    DAG! MUS

  7. I hope that Astrid is better soon and that your arms recover! I understand why lots of mums have good arm muscles!

  8. Espero que Astrid se ponga buena pronto, el aspira mocos no les gusta mucho, ¿a que no? :)

    A mi también me dolían los brazos cuando Laura era más pequeña, ¿has probado un cojín de lactancia darle el pecho? Mis brazos mejoraron mucho desde que empecé a usarlo.

  9. No le gusta para nada! jejeje pobrecita mi piruleta de fresa. Tengo un cojin y eso ayuda. Lo que he empezado a usar tambien es se como se llama en castellana, pero un "baby björn", un "chisme"/mochila para llevar la niña sin poner peso a los brazos.


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