Saturday, January 24, 2009

Indoors Saturday

Today there is a snowstorm in Yonder so we are staying indoors (with good conscience). Mr. Yonder is tiding up his closet, Astrid is taking a nap and I’m baking. The house is filled with the smell of breads in the oven. As soon as the breads are done I’ll put a tray with buns in and set the timer for 14 minutes. I’m listening to one of my favourite radio shows (podcast) “radioresepsjonen” (the radio reception).Three silly guys having fun on the radio for two hours and getting paid for it! Enjoying my indoors Saturday.

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  1. Hei Anne Marie!
    Fikk link til bloggen din fra MonicaF.
    Helt fasinert av de fine bildene og kreativiteten din!!!
    Og gratulerer med ei nydelig prinsesse. Hun var bare pittelitt større enn minsteprinsen min som ble født 3. oktober!
    Kommer til å følge med her framover, skikkelig inspirerende!
    Hilsen Randi (som du scrappa med i Ålesund) :)


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