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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Necessity is the mother of creation

A couple of weeks ago Marie-Louise suggested a small fabric, trim and button swap. She did this because she had noticed that there was a certain fabric I had fallen in love with (ehem... I just went back to find the link to the fabric and I'm embarrased *blushing* for how many times I have made comments on it...), and she had some of this fabric to give away. Anyhow, as I was putting together fabrics and combining trims and biased tape I realized that I don’t have any cool buttons. I only have a few buttons that has been given to me on earlier swaps (and which I don't want to part with), but no big box, glass or jar with buttons to combine with fabrics for giveaways. Now I couldn’t send off the fabrics without any button. Instead I decided to make my very first embroidered button thinking (and hoping) that one handmade button would equal several bought non-embroidered buttons.

To make it a bit more interesting I took an extra look at the main fabric I had prepared for the swap and sucked in inspiration from it before I drew my first embroidery design. Nothing fancy, just a plain and simple design to go with the fabric. For someone that has always dreamt of being able to draw (but never found the talent) this was a big step. Usually I am always looking for images that can be used for embroidery, whether it is in magazines, newspapers, milk cartons, adds or pattern books, to make up for my lack of talent in drawing. This time I drew one myself. Necessity is the mother of creation.


  1. The buttons are great - so much nicer than ones bought in a shop! it's funny but I was dreaming about buying buttons last night -wonder what that means....

  2. Det ser spændende ud Anne Marie. Det er en meget meget fin knap:-)
    Jeg har lige sendt swappen afsted til dig.

  3. That button is perfection! I absolutely love it.

  4. Your button is wonderful Anne Marie! I would love to see the fabric that inspired you!
    Hugs, Laurraine

  5. Oh! Silly me... obviously the fabric you used for the button was the inpiration! :o)

  6. No, you are not silly at all Laurraine, because that isn't the fabric that inspired me :-)

    Ohh blogspot will not let me post a link to the fabric. Look through my stash and find "Spring fabric". That was the inspiration.

  7. The button is gorgeous. Good thing you drew your own design.


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