Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i can see clearly again

Thank you so much for the support, the encouraging words and the good advices you have given me over the last week! Reading your comments was just like having you here with me in our living room. I could here tea cups being put back on the table, coffee zips being taken and cookies being eaten, while all of you contributed with your insights and your two cents. I had so much fun reading your comments because I love good company and I love to learn new things.

Some of your advices were things I hadn’t thought of, other advices confirmed my own thoughts, and yet others made me see more clearly why and why not. Like for instance Rani’s comment about blue and brown fabrics competing. When I read her comment I had actually already separated all the fabric squares into two different bundles and without knowing why separated the blue and the browns. It wasn’t because I knew they were competing it was just gut feeling. Rani’s comment however made it clear to me why, and I feel I learned something. Yaaayy! From now on there will be no more competing colours…or at least less competing.

Thanks to you my quilt work has taken a whole new direction. There will be two quilts instead of one. Brown and blue fabrics have been separated into two different quilts (although the second quilt will not be begun in quite some time). There will be more white, and some embroidery or cross stitch, we will se which of the two. Right now I have finnished the center piece with the colourful patches. Next is to decide what I will do on the sides. The tingle is back. I feel I’m working in one direction, with a goal, I can see clearly again. I can breathe calmly. Thank you!


  1. I wish my sisters could read that (both visually artistic)! Ha ha! I've never been the one in the family that people go to for opinions on color.

    The quilt pictures are divine. Can't wait to see the finished product(s)!!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling more optimistic now. I followed the comments closely because I have the same fears about color choices. It has kept me from quilting for years even though one of my dreams is to have quilts scattered throughout my home ready for an impromptu snuggle. Now I'm feeling a bit more optimistic as well.

  3. Ohh Gillian, dont give up! If there is something I have learned from this last two weeks it is that it's better to make a halfway good quilt and learn from the process than not make any quilt at all. So fill up that house of yours with colourful quilts!

  4. The colours [and photos] are beautiful.
    I ought to go read your comments, as 'll be starting a quilt for a little boy soon.


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