Tuesday, February 17, 2009

... frustration in Yonder

Since the very first day I found out I was pregnant with Astrid I wanted to make a quilt for her (…well I didn’t now her name back then, but wanted to make a quilt for the baby). This last week with my arms out of knitting function (or any other function for that matter) I started smelling at the fabrics I showed you in the previous post. I have taken inspiration from other fellow crafters who have made beautiful quilts like this or who I think are good at combining patterned fabrics like this.

After chewing a while the cutter wheels have been turning and turning in between Astrid’s naps. And this morning I finally lay all the squares out on the floor. I rearranged them a few times, got up on my feet and took a step back to look at the glory, when I realize that my heart doesn’t tingle when I see it. All these fabrics which I love and I have looked forward to combine… well it just doesn’t’ look right… (even the photo turned out bad). Too much going on and no feeling of belonging tigether... Do you know what I mean? I usually get a good feeling when I think something is working, but not this time, and it is frustrating.

Why doesn’t it look right? What should I have done different?

And then I ask myself: what was I thinking?

So far I have made quilts with natural white fabric mixed with a few squares of printed fabric. This time I thought I’d do something different, something out of my comfort zone. I wanted to make a juicy quilt like the ones I have seen so many times on flickr. I thought it was going to be fun and easy, but I realize I have no clue. No clue what so ever on how to combine patterns. Is this something you can learn or is it just a talent that some crafters are born with? I say it again: What was I thinking?!!

And now what do I do? I am the self proclaimed queen of cutting anxiety and here I am looking at 36 squares that I don’t know what to do with. Do I stitch up the quilt anyway and hope that it grows on me? Or do I burry it completely and wait for a sunny day and a brilliant idea that will let me use the cut squares? I am so bummed… I really wanted to make a quilt today…

…I think I got up on the wrong foot this morning.


  1. Ohhh Anne, this fabric has lots of possibilities!!!!!!
    I work another way, I make a drawing and buy more fabric or cut more... so you add more possibilities. I see the quilt more: all "cuadraditos" with drawings or drawings in the middle and plain colors arround. Please keep trying you will see it rocks :)))
    Sure!!! good luck, have fun ...

  2. Hi Anne :))
    not give up!
    you get the solution, you will see!!
    I am also a phase, it seems that I lack the inspiration! how about a square of fabric with an embroidered, or perhaps a few squares, knitted or crochet: DD
    I think that I have to pull the thing for my part, no? : D
    with these tissues so beautiful, you will certainly leave a amazing quilt!
    tomorrow I will put your pillow in the mail, okay?
    a kiss Isabel

  3. Anne, sorry to hear about your fustration. I totally understand how that feels..i feel that way too at time but please don't give up. Keep trying and you will see somehow someway something wil turn out great!
    I hope your day gets better.... love to you!

  4. oooh - don't give up!
    the squares are lovely!
    i'd add a plain white square with some embroidery (and you do so beautiful embroidery!!!), and maybe add some narrow, plain white sashing stripes every second square.
    but you'll surely find a solution that will satisfy you!

  5. Hei Anne Marie. Jeg synes det så flott ut jeg!!! Du er så flink:-)

  6. Muchas gracias por tus palabras.
    Yo encuentro muy bonita la combinación de telas de la foto.

  7. I know what you mean when you say to doesn't feel something right...
    Why don't you join the sqaures qith some crocheting stripes??

    ...it will be an idea.. ;-)

  8. I really know how you feel. I had the same feeling making a quilt last summer. I think it was the perfectionist in me, because I just decided to plough ahead and when I finished I was very pleased. I hope you will work through this to find a wonderful solution! If you want it and work hard at it you will acheive it... :)
    Hugs from Emily
    PS: I am dying to come and peek at your fabrics, Japanese books and see Astrid again!

  9. I'm not a quilter and I'm usually not good with color, but here's my 2 cents. I think that maybe there is too much competition between the blue and the brown. What if you tried it with just pinks/browns (no blue) and then just pinks/blues (no brown) . . .

    Just a thought.

  10. I think the squares are all great = perhaps you should consider 2 quilts - choose your favourite squares that you think go well together and buy some plain fabric to go in between - cream or white, something to bring out the lovely patterns that you have! I am sure that you will find inspiration - just look at Astrid!!

  11. I think so about having a plain fabric and make two projects, maybe not another quilt, but one patchwork bag-for-all or a little one for carrying Astrid food or things for a walk...
    The fabrics are beautiful... you'll know how to rearrange them, I am sure.

  12. me pasa con un osito que estoy haciendo, cada pieza suelta no resulta bonito y te digo lo siguiente: la costura también es mágica, la puntada de la máquina ennoblece una labor, a veces coso a mano y queda muy crafty pero envidia la pulcritud de las cosas a máquina. Pues primero coses los cuadros, les pones el relleno y después? no crees que al coser por encima haciendo un acolchado bonito (tú sabrás hacerlo en ondas en círculos concéntricos, en eses, en lo que se te ocurra) de verdad que crees que al final te quedará mal? Yo creo que el truco consiste en el interior mullido y quizás si quedase bien en la puntadas a lo quilt. Pero si aún dudas pues utiliza entonces otra tela blanca entre las piezas y rodenando la mantita. Creo firememente que te quedará bien al final, hagas lo que hagas!

  13. I don't think that you should give up at all - this quilt has potential, but I agree with your opinion that it's not quite there yet. I think you just need to take a step back and look at it very objectively. See where things clash, and where things blur into each other too much. For instance, I personally don't really like the red and white rabbit fabric with the rest of the pinks. I also think that a lot of the prints are very similar, and I personally don't like the taupe-coloured ones - either there are too few of them, or they could be placed better. Definitely don't give up. Just cut more fabric and keep re-arranging and playing with it. Perhaps you need more plainer squares, to lighten the business of the patterned ones, for instance.
    good luck! it will look beautiful.

  14. Giv endelig ikke op. Der er så mange fine stoffer og potentiale for en skøn quilt. Hvis jeg skal give mit bud, så er den lyserøde lidt for dominerende og på den måde forsvinder den næsten i sig selv og de enkelte stoffer kommer ikke til deres ret. Så jeg tror der skal noget mere hvidt med i quilten. Ikke nødvendigvis helt hvidt, men mønstrede stoffer hvor hvid er den dominerende farve.
    Håber at det kan hjælpe dig. :-)

  15. Hi. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog... somehow I managed to delete it instead of publishing it... sorry! I hope you'll come again. I'll certainly come back and visit your blog. You've got lots of beautiful things on here, and I'm sure you'll find a solution to your quilting problem. Just keep trying!

  16. Hi again... I just realized I didn't delete your comment anyway.... don't know what happened but it's there now...

  17. I think it's going to look great! I love the colours and the fabrics that I can see in your photos!

  18. I love your work and your photos !


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