Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blankie bear done and spring is sprouting

The blankie bear was finished in no time. Even though I ironed it yesterday it’s all curly again today because Astrid has been playing with it since she got it. I put a small bell inside the bears head (together with 100% wool filling) so every time she moves the bears it gives a light tingle. Depending on if your child is a light sleeper or not you might want to consider skipping the bell. Imagine you baby almost asleep and then because she moves the bear: “tingle, tingle”…

For anyone wondering how the tug war between winter and spring went along Rani was right; spring did win and everywhere we go we see sprouts coming out. A couple of days ago I planted different seeds in my mini greenhouse. The thyme and basil has come out with a few sprouts the chives and the flowers are taking it slow. I would tell you name of the flowers if I knew but they came mixed with no specification. The only thing I know about them is that they are supposed to attract butterflies. I can’t wait to see if they will actually attract butterflies to our terrace. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
I still need to take a photo of the give away goodies and I’ll try to have it taken by tomorrow. If you would like a chance to win just read what you need to do in my post from yesterday, nothing complicated, easy, pieasy.


  1. The little bear looks adorable and I think the bell idea is a good one!


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