Sunday, April 05, 2009

spring cleaning

I have been busy doing spring cleaning this week, emptying boxes from our move to Oslo (a year and a half ago) which have been waiting for me since then. I’m trying to reduce my clutter but I find it hard to throw away things. My things – whether it is a ticket from a museum in Barcelona, a postcard that was sent from a “once upon a time” friend or a paper I wrote while in High School – remind me of my life, who I was and who I am. Years fly by, and sometimes I ask myself where did they go…? When I go through my things I know where they went, I remember the years, the moments and somehow it reminds me that I have done a lot during my life…it didn’t just fly by…I lived it, and I am still living it.


  1. GARLIC! YUM! Well. I'll admit, this is my first year trying it because I have a friend who does this successfully. Her secret is that she plants cloves in the Autumn. She orders hers online and they come like regular old bulbs of garlic like you'd buy in the grocery store. Last Sept/Oct before the ground froze, I had some store bought garlic that sprouted, so I planted each clove about an inch deep. They look fine, although it snowed today. Official gardening in Minnesota doesn't start until May 15.

    My friend pulled her garlic out by the end of July, I think. I'll keep you posted on this. Garlic from seed is difficult (so I've been told). So try planting cloves next fall and see what you get. I'm going to try that with onions, too since mine never seem to grow bigger than a golf-ball. I found some this week that I forgot last fall and their still alive and getting bigger!

    Good luck!

  2. Been there - done that!
    Nå sitter vi igjen med to godt forseglede pappesker som det blir opp til neste generasjon å åpne. Der ligger det mange minner og venter :-)

  3. Thank you Rani! I will save some cloves of garlic and give it a try for next fall :-)

    Kari: Har du klart å få det "ned til" bare TO kasser?!!! Jeg er imponert. Jeg tror aldri jeg klarer å komme ned i to kasser, med mindre man definerer en kontainer som kasse. Det vil i så fall ta meg et helt liv...

  4. Muy bonito... es un privilegio recordar cosas... porque las has vivido... y pasan volando... pero como dicen por españa... "que nos quiten lo bailaoooo" que lo llevamos ya puesto...


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