Tuesday, June 16, 2009

napkins and family visit

This coming week will be a one of short posts to show you what I have made in between all the cleaning and nostalgia. First project to be showed off are these napkins that I made before visiting my three cousins MJ, M and D in Madrid. Astrid and I arrived last Friday to stay for the weekend at MJ’s (my oldest cousin) house. Besides being Astrid’s Godmother she is also a super woman and a saint.

She had come home from a business trip in Paris the day before I arrived, her husband was stumbling around on crutches after a painful knee operation and she hadn’t seen her two sons for several days, still she received me with a big smile and lots of energy. And she kept on without a break during the whole weekend. She bought groceries, prepared baby food, showed me her village, whipped up a delicious sea food barbeque and the list goes on and on (…only wish she would have let me helped her a bit). As I already said: super woman and saint.

The napkins were for my cousins’ children in other words Astrid’s second cousins. I met three beautiful boys, Miguel and David the sons of MJ and third, Juan the son of D, MJ’ youngest brother. He became a father to his second son Pablo at six o’clock Sunday afternoon. I missed that by a few hours as my plain left Madrid at seven. Altogether Astrid and I had a wonderful weekend.

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  1. It sounds like a great weekend - topped off with a new baby! Nothing better. I am awaiting the arrival of my friend's twins! I cannot make them anything until I know the sex!


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