Friday, June 05, 2009

treasures and nostalgia

May flew by and I realize I haven’t written a single post. Instead I have done some major spring cleaning. When we moved two years ago I began a new job right away and boxes that should have been looked through, unpacked and ordered were just stowed in the cellar. Do not repeat after me. Unpack right away. If not, those same boxes will hunt you down sooner or later and take a big bite of your... time. It has been quite a journey through forgotten years, some treasures and lots of nostalgia.

I have done some knitting as well but have not had the time, or made the time to upload and post photos. I will soon.


  1. Do you wonder - if they were in storage for two years and if I didn't miss anything, I should just throw them out!

    (I never can.) I always have to go through them and though I toss some stuff, I usually end up bringing a slightly smaller box back down to the basement to be looked at in another 2 years.

  2. Hello! Glad to hear you are all well! I hope that your home is looking tidy and smart now.....I wonder if you haven't looked at stuff for 2 years (I have boxes like that too) if you miss it.....

    Looking forward to seeing your knitting projects!


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