Wednesday, March 17, 2010

irresistable Ikea finds

When I was pregnant with Astrid we went so many times to Ikea to buy things we needed for her that it worked like a vaccine on me. If I can avoid going to Ikea I will. But ones in a while I can't avoid it. I go there to by candles, white candles in all sizes and shapes. I try not to buy things I haven't planned to buy, but sometimes I find something to irresistible to resist.

Even if these bowls and plates were not planned, now that I have them they will come to good use. Astrid has begun throwing her plates on the floor if she doesn't like the food. These are plastic, bombastic and unbreakable. I win!


  1. They're so pretty - I think I would have succumb to their allure, too.

    I also go to Ikea for the candles. I'm addicted to their mega pack of tea lights.

  2. i wish have an ikea in México and close to my place... your new plates are pretty!!

  3. Beautiful plate and bowls you bought. SO great that they can stand a little push on the floor. ;))
    I still love IKEA, eventhough I went there a lot when I was younger. However, I HATE when it is crowded (and when is IKEA not crowded?? Never!)

    Hav en rigtig god weekend, Anne. :))

  4. I love the bowls too! I go to Ikea about once every 2 years - but it is a great place to buy fabric!

  5. So pretty! It's always a challenge to find attractive, unbreakable plates.

    I can only go to Ikea midweek, during the day when it's not too crowded... if I try going on the weekend it makes me crazy.

  6. I love Ikea! The bowls and plates are so pretty!! I would love to get them too!

  7. Love IKEA...grew up on their stuff.
    Try weaning yourself off the products Anne, it's hard when there isn't one in sight of 400 miles...grrr. You are lucky.

  8. Uhh! I go there for there for the meatballs and it usually works to get me buy less than the entire store! Astrid got some pretty plates.

  9. oh, they will still break. ask me how I know.

    Funny thing about IKEA. We didn't live near one for years and thus every time we visited a foreign land (even when the foreign land was Seattle) we had to shop IKEA (and eat meatballs). We swore if we were ever able to have one near, we would have the most stylish home.

    Now we do. And we don't.

    Sigh. But every once in a while we do get meatballs. ;)


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