Thursday, April 01, 2010

our versions of easter

For the right Easter feeling to come along there are certain ingredients or props that are necessary or that at least helps. We have several versions of Easter each version with its own particular ingredients or props.

We have the “on the mountain skiing” version, or the “feels like we are the only ones left in the city, and having our first outdoor beer” version, and finally we have the “going abroad and doing a visiting friends and family-marathon” version.

However some props and ingredients are common for all versions: chocolate, audio theatre crime stories, marzipan covered with chocolate, soft cover crime fiction, cross word puzzles, red wine and knitting.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Happy Easter to you!
    ((beautiful photo!))

  2. Happy Easter!! I am having a quiet weekend at home after 4 weekends away. I feel bad not going to see my parents but as my mum told me she was out all day Saturday and Sunday morning it hardly seemed like the right time - I'll go the following weekend. So I will run, tidy the really untidy house and perhaps buy some chocolate!

  3. God Paske.
    I used to go the mountains in Geilo and go sking, sit outside with peanut oil on my face and fry...burn baby burn, just soaking up that sun, get that nice Easter tan. Yeah, it was bad. Eat cold oranges and Kvikk that!
    Love the ingredients, marzipan covered with chocolate...mmm.
    Have wonderful Easter.

  4. estoy descubriendo tu blog y me encanta!!! tienes unas fotos preciosas de Barcelona.

    Te mando un fuerte abrazo!!!

  5. I like your common props. Nice selection!

  6. Lovely image! Looks so fresh! Happy Easter!!

  7. haha ! i just love how you wrote this !
    i hope you all had a great weekend , whatever version 2010 was !

  8. love your different versions! :) happy week!

  9. Dearest Anne, that is such a gorgeous photo. I hope you had a wonderful merry happy easter weekend! Have a lovely week and love to you! Visiting you here on your lovely space always makes me smile and fill me with inspirational! Love to yoU!


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