Monday, June 07, 2010

last month was all about...

Time has just flown these last weeks and everyday life suddenly got filled up with, wedding plans, a daughter who has learned to open every drawer in the house, a project management exam due on two weeks and a full time job.

Since last time lots of things have happened in-between all the above. I’ll share last months happenings in photos and a few lines.

The sun came out

We played hide and seek

We ate waffles together with neighbours until our bellys couldn't fit one more heart of waffle.

We celebrated the 17th of May (Norways national day) by waving our flag

by marching togehter with the band

by watching and admiring all the beautiful craft on these national costumes (bunader)

by admiring more beautiful stiches

and by eating ice cream. All this together with friends that measn a lot to us.

We have walked in the woods and seen these beautful & relaxed sheeps

We accidently came across this concert with the woman that sing songs that cheers me up and makes me smile.

We barbequed together with some lovely neighbours. Which reminds me we need to buy a "bring a long barbeque" instead of these "one time use & throw away barbeques".

And the tulips are blooming


  1. Hey A. Glad you were having all sorts of lovely times. Really cute images of growing up Astrid {may you please squeeze those cheeks for me?!}. Your national day is so colourful and quite interesting. I would to see the parade one day.

    Hope the wedding plans are well underway. All the best. hugs.

  2. the sheep photos are so delightful. have a lovely day!

    xo Alison

  3. It looks like the last month has been full of fun! I love Astrid's outfit - how cute does she look!

    I've had a busy month too - blogging has been taking a bit of a back seat......guess it's that time of year!

  4. I love all the pretty sweaters, socks, and skirts in this post. What lovely pictures! Looks like you've been staying busy and having fun.

  5. Sounds like you have been so busy!
    God syttende Mai! Miss that so much.

    Astrid is just so adorable, love seeing pictures of her.
    Yum on the you eat them jam or geitost?
    See you later alligator.

  6. A beautiful month. Hide and seek looks fun :)

  7. looks like happy times :-)

  8. Looks like you have had a very nice month ... really love the traditional outfits :)

  9. Your little Astrid is so beautiful in that outfit and I love the gorgeous stitches on the ladies skirts and also the shoes are amazing!

    Thank you for sharing the nature , too, it´s adorable and the sleeping sheeps are so cute!

  10. Great post! Those national costumes are gorgeous. Hand stitched?

    Your baby could not be cuter. Love the red sweater. All that Norwegianish makes me think of my grandma.

  11. Hola, pasaba a saludarte, que grande está tu niña si el otro día no mostrabas fotos y todavía era una bebe, como pasa el tiempo, un abrazo :)

  12. Sometimes, a break is important...

    Nice pictures !

  13. Hello - I came by via Sally Annie Magundy's blog, and I loved your photographs. It is so nice to see a glimpse into a different corner of the world - loved those costumes, and your daughter looks very happy - love her red knitted coat. As for the waffles - I think I would have eaten until I couldn't fit in one more as well!

  14. I missed this update and I was worried about you !! just hoping you were too busy to post but not unwell or something...
    Are you getting married ?!!
    This is such a lovely photo retrospective and your daughter is an absolute sweetheart :)
    So nice to have you back no matter how often you'll be posting !

  15. What a lovely post! The traditional costumes are beautiful!!

    Happy Summer! Hope you're enjoy the weather!

  16. que preciosas fotos y que grande está la nenita, si aún fue ayer que nació! : ) c´est la vie. Acabo de descubrir hace poco un tipo de bordado que me encanta, estoy haciendo algo, se llama kogin y puedes ver un poco en este libro aunque lo tiene carísimo, creo que se pasa, ese cualquier día lo tenemos en yesasia o lo consigo con otra a un precio más razonable. Besos

  17. Dearest Anne. i missed you. Thank you so much for leaving me such a wonderful message on my little space. I am so happy to see you here and thanks so much for sharing such gorgeous photos of celebration!! The photos of your little one made me smile ~ she is soo adorable and i am in love with her outfit! I want one too. hehe Have a lovely merry happy day! Sending you lots of love!

  18. how wonderful! i love your story in pictures!! hugs!

  19. Glad you are back!
    Come see my cool rock music giveaway.
    Also love ballads in there.

  20. Dearest Anne, i was thinking of you so i came by here to visit you! I hope all is well and everything is good! Have a lovely merry day(s) and love to you and yours!

  21. Hello! How are you? How was the wedding? I hope you all had the most fantastic time! I also hope to see some photos!



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