Monday, December 06, 2010

A winter wonderland walk

On Friday Mr. Yonder and I had our first night out in a long time. Astrid stayed over at her kindergarten friend whose parents I have known since Astrid was just a few weeks old which means I feel safe to leave her there. It is also very practical since their place is only a five minute walk from our place.

Friday night was spent with colleagues of Mr. Yonder at the old fashion and fancy restaurant right beside the new ski jump at Holmekollen. The restaurant looks absolutely beautiful with its old new look. A five meal course there was followed by a concert with a-ha (their second last concert as a group), and then dancing & champagne at one of Oslo’s night clubs. We had so much fun!

Saturday morning after sleeping in for the first time since I don’t know when, I picked up Astrid at 12:00 (12pm)!!! And she and I went for a walk in the neighbourhood.

On our walk I discovered this ice rink. In summer time it is an ordinary play ground, but in wintertime it is magically turned into a skating area (around the playground). I love discovering neighbour gems like this.

And I love seeing kids in action, moving around outdoors no matter how cold or warm it is

On our way home we spotted this little squirrel climbing up & down the trees

And these beautiful birds sunbathing in the low winter sun.

Wishing you all a good week!


  1. Sounds awesome- a night to remember. I bet the food was amazing.Reading your post brings back memories...seemed like a national event going to Holmenkollen every winter to cheer on our favorite athlets...I used to walk all the way back home to Majorstuen after the event- exhausted.
    ...and A-ha(love to be a fly on the wall)sad to hear they were splitting.
    Love them,went to school with Mortens brother.
    Glad mr. and mrs. Yonder had a night out we all need that as parents.

  2. I also LOVE to see kids out there in the cold, laughing and playing. Coming in with those rosy cheeks is so delightful to me. And you have to love that hockey kid. Good boy.

    Sounds like you two had a well deserved evening out. The dancing at a night club intimidates me. I think I'm too old and I'd look like a fool ha ha ha. I still dance like it's 1988. sigh.

  3. One should always dance as if it was 1988! :-)

  4. Thank you Camilla! It was energy to our girl friend & boy friend battiers.

  5. Oh anne, your neighbourhood is gorgeous! So happy to know that you had a good night out with Mr. Yonder!! Loving these photo so much...have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  6. por aqui tambien nevo muchisimo y me temo que no pararĂ¡ de momento!


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