Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the table

To Lucy and everyone else that wants to know what is in every jar and bowl. I’m imagining you sitting across the table asking me and giving it a go to taste. Some of the things you already know what is but perhaps with other names. Other things might be new to you depending on what part of the world you are from.

The jar that says “syltet agurk” contains pickled sliced cucumbers. Sweet and sour at the same time.

The jar that says “tomatsild” contains cured herring in tomato sauce. This is typically eaten during Christmas. Some make it with tomato sauce; other makes it with mustard sauce. My favourite is the simplest cured herring recipes of them all: pickled herring. I’ll share the how to do’s later on so you can try it out yourself. It is not for a picky kind of person, more so for the kitchen adventurer.

The small plastic “bag” that says “majones” contains mayonnaise. You cut a small piece of one corner, squeeze the bag in the middle and then depending on how big or small you made the corner a big or small line of mayonnaise can be squeezed over you choice of bread and spread. My favourite Sunday mayonnaise combo is a slice of bread, boiled sliced egg, caviar, and thin lines of mayo on top.

The bowl that says “hjemmlaget syltetøy” contains homemade strawberry jam. It is simply made with strawberries and sugar and tastes delicious. Just as if summer is visiting for a short and intense mouthful. And if you have some Brie at hand and put that on a slice of freshly made bread and then a spoonful of the jam. Well what can I say…Yummy!

Let's dig in!

Edited: Dorte, this could actually be either one breakfast, brunch or lunch. Or all three, depending on how early you get up in the morning and how long you sit at the table.


  1. We could have done with labelling on the raclette table last night- boquerones, squid, steak, sausage, salami, 4 kinds of cheese, peppers, mushrooms......yum!

  2. very nice :) just curious - is it breakfast/brunch or lunch?

  3. It's so interesting to see what others eat around the world! Thank you for this fun post!

  4. Åh - eg skal jammen koke egg til formiddagsmaten!

    Ha ei god veke! :)

  5. It's surprising to me how different this is from an "American" breakfast and yet, we have all the same food, with the exception of pickled herring. My hubby and in-laws enjoy pickled herring quite a bit. This inspires me to set a table like this some Sunday morning. Simple, healthy and delicious.

    ps. I've never seen mayo in a bag, but that makes sense!

  6. that is fun and interesting! we all should do this! thank you :)

  7. Oh sweet Anne-Marie, thank you for satisfying my curiousity! I am amazed at how much a table at breakfast/brunch is so very different across the ocean. To be honest, this seems like a less hurried way to savour the food, enjoy the conversations and linger on after the eating is done. And the pickled herring, i believe i tried it once at Karina's home.
    Keep warm and thank you again!

  8. Thank you for translating this for us. Looks like a perfect spread.

  9. i love this! thank you!

  10. Ohhhhhh!!!!! los arenques son una de mis multiples debilidades!!!! me encantan en mostaza, aunque en tomate tampoco les hago ascos jejejje
    Una mesa en la que daria gusto sentarse :)
    Que el fin de semana vaya genial!!!!

  11. Hi Anne Marie, I'm not sure if you saw my comment on your January 10 post, but I still need your mailing address so I can mail your scarf to you. Please send me an email, when you have a moment. Thanks, Denise

  12. Oh my anne, this looks soo cozy and yummiee!! Kinda reminded me of breakfast at Hamburg with my mister and his family! May i have some " syltet agurk”and “tomatsild”, please? :D Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you sweet friend!


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