Friday, January 21, 2011

pickled herring

I thought “everyone” had long breakfasts no matter what part of the blog reading world you were from. And that perhaps what was different would be what was on the table. So I am surprised by your surprise on how different it is. It makes me want to ask you: How is a Sunday breakfast at your place?

I love long lasting breakfasts so if last post was an inspiration to you then my mission is done.

Sometimes the food is important; other times the company & conversation. And once in a while the best part is the silence. Long breakfasts’ lets you live in the moment. They let you meditate. Breathe and ponder. Something good always comes out of a long breakfast.

The recipe I use when making pickled herring is written below, in case you want to add some norwegianess to you breakfast table. It is very simple and easy and everyone brave enough can make and eat it. If you like fish and you like pickled food this should be right up your street.

I usually make small amounts because there are only three of us. And I like my pickled herring to be “fresh” (as fresh as pickled food can get) and firm.



Soak the herring filets in water for 1-2 hours, cut them in 1.5 cm strips.

Slice the onion into thin rings or half rings.

In a pan mix the vinegar, sugar, water, and spices heat the pan gently but do not
let it boil, and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Let it cool off.

In a jar layer the sliced herring and onion and pour the cold vinegar marinade.

You can also find a more spiced up recipe here


  1. Ouch, delicious! Now if only I could find fresh herring....?!
    Thanks Anne Marie.

  2. me encantan los desayunos con ingredientes de domingo que digo yo...
    y me encanta ver aceite de oliva en tu cocina!!!
    un beso grande desde España

  3. Que lindos comentarios me dejas siempre, me hacen sonreir :) ... que sepas que no comento mucho en tu blog porque mi inglés es muy malo y no tiene mucho sentido comentar algo que no entiendes muy bien..pero siempre vengo silenciosa a ver tus preciosas fotos. Un abrazo. Patricia.

  4. Me has dejado de piedra! nunca me hubiera imaginado que en Noruega desayunarais pescado! yo soy mucho más clásica en el sentido Español claro: tostadas con mermelada o embutido, café y zumo!

  5. hi there ! sometimes we have long breakfasts [or as long as F can sit in her chair]. sometimes they aren't so long. just depends....
    no pickled herring here - but pancakes or waffles or french toast with sausage or bacon are a good special breakfast. sometimes we eat eggs, or my favorite is mexican style breakfasts w/ beans and salsa and cheese.... mmmmmm :)

  6. this reminds me of my grandmother. she was always pickling something:)
    p.s. YOUR photos are wonderful!

  7. Gosh, I don't even think we can get fresh herring around here! Your breakfast was definitely inspiring. We usually have fairly rushed breakfasts -- in a hurry to get on to all the stuff that needs to be done on the weekend, I guess. I often longingly read about others relaxing over a long breakfast with the Sunday paper or something, but it just rarely happens around here. Maybe after we retire we can take time to smell the roses! Your photos are beautiful!

  8. Dearest sweet anne, this looks yummieee! Thanks so much for sharing the awesome recipe. I love love long lasting breakfast too. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you sweet friend!

  9. This reminds me of home - my mother used to make those.

  10. Me lo apunto pero para la cena! Y eso que soy bastante amiga del salado para desayunar pero creo que esto sería demasiado!


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