Thursday, August 08, 2013

Lingering on

I never got past the first chapter of this book (but I want to, love it so far!) and the glass with Martini was emptied many, many days ago. But. I loved that moment! Mr. Yonder and the kids were at the pool and I had a whole half hour by myself with nothing else to do but read, and listen to the ice cubes move around in the glass every time I took a zip.

After three and a half wonderful weeks in Spain, I am now back to work. Transition back to everyday life is hard. I am simply not ready to let go of summer yet. Therefore, the rest of this month I will keep on to summer by sharing vacation photos with you.

How was your summer? What was your special moment?

PS: I’ll be back to regular posting in September.


  1. can´t wait to see spain through your eyes!

  2. I am so afraid to dissapoint you... (*knee shake*)

    One of the reasons I LOVE you photos (besides them being beautiful photos)is that you see and photograph Spain the way I see. You notiv the same things, details etc. ...I see it, I just don't manage to capture it in photos like you do :-)

    ...hope that made sense...

  3. It sounds like you've had a lovely few weeks! I have been working most of the summer (apart from 4 days in France) and am looking forward to time off in September - a week in Shetland and then towards the end of September off to The Netherlands and Switzerland to visit with friends. I don't think I'll be seeing much sun ;-)

  4. I don't envy you for having to work during summer, but with the amazing traveling plan you have prepared for September I don't feel sorry for you either! ;-) Looking forward to see and read about your trips! I am sure you will find some sun.


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