Monday, November 19, 2012

You are almost right...

…but he is not on is way.

He is here!

After trying for several years the “natural way”, last fall I underwent IVF treatment in the pursuit of our second child. In November we finally succeeded and this summer, august 2nd our little boy arrived.

I know people usually share news like this a lot sooner. I had several reasons for holding back. One of them was worrying if everything would turn out well. Perhaps because it took us a long time to become pregnant I had more “what if everything doesn’t work out” thoughts during this pregnancy.

For each milestone (week 12 when risk of abortion is reduced, and then later on week 25 when the survival rate for premature babies increases) I have thought "now is the time to share", but then changed my mind
- just in case. Well no more just in case. He is here!

See how much he looks like his sister
He came five days prior to due date. What started and almost finished like a normal birth (v- birth) ended up in a dramatic C-section. I prefer v-birth a hundred time over c-section, but due to the circumstances I am happy the doctors made the decision they made. We spent six days at the paediatric intensive care before they let us bring our little bundle home. I have enjoyed every single day after that.

…do you think one can kiss and hug a baby too much?


  1. Oh my god- look that face. He's beautiful! Congratulations! :)
    Big hugs and kisses!

  2. Oh my gosh! He is totally and utterly adorable! Congratulations to you and your perfect little family!! I am so pleased for you. can't wait to see more pictures (and knitting) as he grows!

    And no - I am not sewing the ends in of the stripes as I go along - not clever enough! But now you've put the thought in my mind I might just go and do it - I've only knitted 4 stripes so far!

    Smiles from Scotland!!

  3. Tillykke med ham. Hvor er han bare utrolig sød :-)

  4. what a beautiful baby boy! congratulations so much. I completely understand that you wished to hold back. I've going back and forth about it too, because I am expecting our third child now, but I decided to share it on the blog about halfway through the pregnancy. I am, however, reluctant to focus too much on it on the blog, also I don't post many belly pics, like some do.
    when I saw the photos of your little boy, it made me well up and feel so grateful to have this in store in the very near future. can't wait! (we are having our first boy, too!)
    love from norway

  5. Gratulerer så masse! For en nydelig unge.

  6. oh he is so adorable ... congratulations :)

  7. congratulations! he is absolutely beautiful! and wow what a head of hair!

  8. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. I understand your feelings waiting to tell, I was very anxious and a bit superstitious during my pregnancies and it felt a little strange to write about them on my blog. But I am so glad he is here safe and well, and I am enjoying reading your posts again.

  9. Dearest sweet Anne, a huge congratulations!! He is such a beautiful baby and i am so happy to know that eventually everything turn out the way it should be!! I am really happy to be back on blogland and reading your beautiful posts! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  10. He is so cute, Anne Marie. Perfect brother for her cute sister. Enjoy!

  11. Supongo que cada este era el momento idóneo para hacernos saber que habías sido mamá otra vez. Como tu dices, cada uno tiene su proceso. Me alegro mucho por ti y tu familia de que todo haya salido bien, y tengáis a este niño tan precioso con vosotros. Mis sinceras felicitaciones!

  12. Gratulerer så mye med en utrolig nydelig gutt <3

  13. ¡¡¡Enhorabuena!!! Es precioso. Disfruta, disfruta, disfruta...

  14. congratulations. he's BEAUTIFUL and i'm glad that all is well.

  15. Pero pero pero, si es guapísimo! Felicidades! Siento que las cosas no hayan salido todo lo bien que te hubiese gustado, pero tampoco han salido tan mal, no? Un bico!

  16. He looks so happy! And no, never too many hugs and kisses.

  17. Wow -- Congratulations! What a beautiful little baby!

  18. NO! You can NOT kiss and hug a baby too much. Not possible. Oh, I am just giggling. He is so cute. He is perfectly perfect. And all that gorgeous hair. And that little button nose and those tiny toes and OH. Miracle babies are . . . well. . . just that. Miracles. I am so truly deeply happy for you.

    My sister struggled and lost several pregnancies and finally . . . FINALLY . . . she had a miracle boy. It's a marvel.

    Keep on huggin' and kissin' those two darling babes and happy knitting, my friend.

    Merry MERRY Christmas.

    Så skjønn gutt!! Tror dere har funnet en god oppskrift! Synes han ligner på den skjønne baby-snuppa jeg holdt i armene da vi var hos T for leeeeenge siden
    Lenge siden jeg har vært innom bloggen din skjønner jeg, hehe!
    Fortsatt god jul og godt nyttår!
    KLEM fra Pernille

    1. Heeei Pernille!!! Takk, takk. Ja han ligner veldig :-) Håper jeg ser deg på o Store T-fest!


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