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Sunday, June 24, 2007

På oppdagelsesferd i Gøteborg - Discovering Gothenburg

Noen synes sikkert det er tragisk, men jeg elsker å lete etter tekstilforetninger når jeg er på ferie. Jeg elsker muligheten til å finne et type spesielt stoff jeg har lett etter lenge eller oppdage et stoff jeg ikke visste at jeg vil ha, men som jeg faller pladask for idet jeg ser det. Hvis jeg i tillegg finner en knappebutikk kan du være sikker på at feriebudsjettet går ad dundas. Dette er noe av alt det fine jeg fant (og kjøpte) da jeg var i Gøteborg.

Some people probably think it is tragical, but I love to look for textile shops while on vacation. The possibility of finding a special kind of fabric that I have been searching for or to discover a fabric I didn't know I wanted, but that I fall in love with on the spot. If I in addition find a butten-shop you can be sure that the vacation budget exceeds all limits. This is some of the fabrics I found (and bought) while in Gothenburg.

I have been looking for tweed like this since I "discovered" tweed on moonstitches blog. After inspiration from moonstitches and 6.5st, this fall as soon as I have bought myself a sewing machine and have moved into a new appartment (did you notice in which order that came...) I will make one.

This two fabrics fall into the category " I didn't know I wanted them but fell in love on the spot". I have no clue what to make of them, but I know I will have to use them in a small project soon. I simply cannot stop touching the white one.

These two flannel's are ment to be used for the back of two baby quilts that have been written down on my "to do list". They are incredibly soft!

These fabrics are to me tipically Swedish and alsoNorwegian. They remind me of summer, kithcen and cosy homes.


  1. Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Dawbis' stuff is wonderful isn't it? Her blog is

    I love your fabrics! I would have bought thenm right up too!!

    Well, nice to meet you and find your lovely site. Have a wonderful day! Hugs.

  2. Who would NOT love these fabrics!
    Just started my visit to your site, and I already love it.
    Looking forward to seeing more ;-)
    By the way, I know the feeling of being bi-cultural!


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