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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

moments in Yonder

Perhaps you have felt it… The feeling you get when you take a tour in blogland and see all the wonderful things that everyone else are doing… all the super duper women that just seem to do everything and do it perfect.

Some days it becomes overwhelming. Some days I need to take a minute and tell myself that everyone does not do everything at the same time. Some paint and draw, some sew, some knit, some bake, some decorate their house and some scrap. Seldom do they do all this at a time (although I have seen some that do).

So when I read Amy’s post “The trouble with Martha” I laughed with relief. She has pin pointed it…and she does it so well that next time I get the “oh my gosh I wish I could be as perfect as everyone else” feeling, I’ll just stop by that post and read it again until my heart starts beating in a normal relaxed rhythm.
In the spirit of moments I’m posting photos of moments that make up life in Yonder. These are photos of every day life imperfections – perfection the Yonder way.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guilt free brunch

Every year I do the same. And I do it with the same kind of short term memory innocence and good intentions as the year before. In early fall (this year it was at the beginning of October) I make an optimistic list of what I will make for gifts and for whom. And every year in mid November it becomes clear that there is no way in h… Yonder that I will make it through the list. Sometimes I don’t even get started.

There is one change however… a change that came about a couple of years ago. I don’t feel guilty anymore; there are no attacks of bad conscience. I don’t stop doing other things because I have to make presents. I only make things the days I have some spare time.
Like today. I had spare time. I could choose between staying at home to finish knitting a baby hat or have brunch together with good friends and their family.
I chose brunch.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

looovin Bloglovin'

This week was busy. I haven't had the time neither to post or to visit you. That means I have some catching up to do. But with my new super tool it's easy piecy.

I have just discovered the amazing Bloglovin (a tool to manage all the blogs you heart). I realize that I’m probably the last or second last in blog world to find out about this very practical tool. Until now I have struggled to find time to read all my favourite blogs & to keep track of them. Well no more. I just log on to Bloglovin and there they are waiting for me, all the updates and everything that has been written and posted since last time I had time to sit down with a cupper and enjoy.

What I especially like about Bloglovin is that it lets me see the actual blog. I am sure there are lots of other blog readers/feeders. Since I have only used this one I am curious:

Which blog readers do you have experiences with and which one do you prefer & why?

P.S. So happy you like the new header! Thank you for all the positive feedback!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

autumn treasurehunting

Today I want to share the thrift I did at our local flea market (one that is done two times every year at our neighbouring school). Together with an old lady that was looking for small buttons I searched meticulously through a zip loc bag that was filled to its rims with buttons in all kinds of varieties. I ended up with these buttons and this little cute box to put them in. Nothing big, just enough to satisfy my urge for some autumn treasure hunting.

Did you notice the change of blog header? For the longest time I have wanted to do something with the design and look on my blog. I am not quite where I want to be yet, but a minor change will satisfy me for now.

Monday, November 02, 2009

more warm wool

I finished another wool sweater for Astrid with some very affordable baby wool from Gjestal. I used this pattern because I wanted a sweater with a long and warm neck so that Astrid will be warm even if she doesn’t wear a scarf. I like the pattern, it's an easy knit. However next time I think I will leave on more stitches for the neck (at least if I use this yarn), because when closing the buttons in the back it is a tiny bit tight. For this one I’ll just close the two first buttons and leave the third open.

Wish you all a good week!