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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinners & chocolate cake

Today was busy. I have spent hours in the kitchen making dinner for almost the rest of the week. First I made elk meatballs with thyme, onion and white pepper. Then I made salmon fish burgers with wasabi powder, spring onion and soy sauce. I rounded up my stay in the kitchen by baking a chocolate cake. Mr. Yonder has been asking for chocolate cake since last week when he saw me baking this cake with mini marshmallows and pink sugar. After a long day I’m going to sit down in my favourite chair with a big glass of cold milk and a chunky piece of dark chocolate cake.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally finished

I began this jacket back in March/April as an intermission from all the pink cross stitching I was doing for a blanket to Astrid (a project that has been hibernating since then). This turquoise jacket was already finished a month ago when my mother helped me with the crochet border. It took me another month to sew on the wooden buttons, and now: tadaaa finally finished. It is super soft and warm. I almost wish I had one myself.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Backyard bear & oyster party

Saturday was a gift. With its blue skies, sun and warm weather it felt like a last visit from summer. We spent the day together with friends at a backyard party with oysters, beers and chunky homemade sausages. Several of Oslo’s micro breweries had small stands were you could have a taste of their golden beverage and the. Famous 50’s loving drink mixer and cook book writer Jan Vardøen released his new cook book “Tøff mat – pølser og øl” (Tough food – sausages and beer), and bar Aku Aku released their Lemongrass ale. The day was topped by jazz music from “Oslo Radio Orkester” and a cowboy selling flowers from his Ranger XLT.

Friday, September 11, 2009

woollen hat week

It is difficult to take good pictures when light is low and your model is a ten month old exploring baby, but ohhh so much fun. I could take pictures of her all day long.

Knitting is taking more of my creative time lately. When I at last sit down at nine thirty after finishing my “to do list” of the day I find it is easier to knit than to cross stitch. I don’t need to count or double check patterns. As long as I have knitted a couple of rounds and have made myself familiar with the project I’m set to go and knit one round after the other. This week the rounds turned into this woollen hat made of leftover yarn from a jacket my mom knitted to Astrid (the one she is wearing). The woollen hat pattern is from Gro's blog and is so easy and fun that I have already begun on a second one.

Have a wonderful Friday night everyone!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Soft landing

Here are some photos of the accomplished blanket. I struggled to find the right angle and enough light for the photos. In the end I decided to post the photos that I have just like they are, because if not this post would not have been written in yet another week. The backside of the blanket (no photo I'm afraid) is an old flannel sheet I bought in one of Oslo’s second hand markets this spring. I found three pink flannel sheets in mint condition – I love a good thrift.