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Friday, November 26, 2010

my always smiling friend

This is a wisp I started knitting two years ago and just finished last week. I made it for my dear friend Gunn. Three years ago we began working at the same place with just a month between us. She was a smiling, and including co-worker from day one. And she has been a friend since then. This wisp shawl is to keep her warm during cold Norwegian (and Italian) winters.

This is a very easy knit. I haven’t knitted with mohair yarn before but it is perfect for this pattern as I was going for a light, big warm shawl. One you can rap yourself in before snuggling into the sofa with a book or a cup of tea.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

big society - part 2

Your response to my big society post a couple of weeks ago was amazing. Thank you for participating!

I always enjoy hearing from you. This time was not different. I loved hearing what you thought when reading the post and I also loved reading what you thought of other people’s comments. It felt like I was part of a conversation.


I know all posts can't be equally engaging, and that is not a goal either. But I do hope to be part of this kind of engaging conversations once in while.

Last week I saw an interview with the American writer Jonathan Franzen. He is on a tour to promote his new book “Freedom” and did an interview here in Oslo.

One part of the interview that especially caught my mind was when the Norwegian interviewer (Siss Vik) asked him about “competition” and how competition was a theme in his book. What caught my attention was his answer. He said that in the US no one asked him this question, while in several European countries he had been asked that same question.


…He then went on to explain his theory on why he is not asked about the “competition” aspect in his book. Interestingly enough he said that one reason why the competition theme is not asked about in his book is because it is an uncomfortable subject and because of politeness. It is not nice to be competitive, so we don’t talk about it…

….on some level I think that comparison is related to competition. We compare to see where we stand in this unannounced continuous competition. Anyhow the interview reminded me of you and our conversation.

(...and why I would like a kindle or some other e-reading device, now!)

You can see the interview (in English from aproximately minute 8) here

Saturday, November 20, 2010

little sister neighborly

Thanks for all you concern and well wishes. We are still coughing around here but I hope we are glimpsing the end of it. In between all the sickness I have knitted another neighbourly.

I know, it’s my third neighbourly and number two with hearts. This one is for the little sister of the other heart neighbourly. These vests are so fast to make and so practical for active kids. If you are still wondering what to make for Christmas you are still in time to make two or three of these (depending on the size) in good time before Christmas.

Wishing you all a good weekend!

Ravelry link

PS. I should have washed and ironed it before posting, but I just didn't have the time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tea with honey

Astrid and I have been coughing our lungs inside out since before we had our sunny friend’s weekend. We can’t seem to shake this one off. I have been more at home than at work the last two weeks and work is piling up on my desk as is my bad conscience for not being at work.

My head will not work and my ears are plugged. I have difficulties breathing after walking up a simple stair case. I am trying to take care of Astrid at the same time as I am wishing my mom would come and take care of me.

And now over to something more positive - at least for me: I have won Denise’s giveaway!!! I am getting a lush and warm scarf knitted with Brooklyn tweed Shelter by her. I can’t believe my luck and I am so excited & happy! If you don’t know her blog yet, take a tour. I love her texts and photos. They always make me ponder and think new thoughts. I like that.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

sunny friends weekend

Saturday and Sunday we spent together with friends baking buns, drawing, playing Lego, strolling in the neighbourhood + wining and dining after the kids were off to bed. Us girls also through in a few knitted rounds in between here and there.

I took the opportunity to take photos of Astrid modelling this fresh from the needles neighbourly with our friends’ kitchen and our bun making as a back drop. There is a few changes to the original pattern and I added three rows of hearts. This is a gift, but after seeing it on Astrid I realize I need to make her one as well.

These two pumpkins used to fight two out of three times, now however it looks like were are heading towards one out of three which is the kind of progress we like.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

corner view {famous}

Some time ago I read an article about how today’s big society and big world makes it more difficult to be famous or to feel that we exceed in one talent or one activity. It is more difficult to feel that we are good at something compared to before.

Before, when we lived in small villages or towns everyone could be “the best” at one thing, excel in one activity or be famous for one thing. There were less of us. We knew of less people. We compared ourselves with fewer and so it was easier to feel good about ourselves or be famous even if just for one thing.

Today, not only has cities and communities become bigger. We also have TV and internet which makes the smallest village or town big. You can compare yourself with people from all around the world. People you have never met. To excel in something, be among the best or be famous is far more difficult.

I do this myself. Compare me with others. Compare my blog with others. Compare. It is not good. Sometimes it makes you feel small. Sometimes it can make you feel alone.

The only thing I find that helps from getting further down a negative comparing spiral is to go back to the initial thought or the initial feeling of why I do what I do. I do what I do because I get a satisfaction from the mere activity. I master a personal challenge. I experience flow.

Yesterday I came across Susanna’s lovely blog. She has an interesting video post on digital detox (I found her through Hei Astrid). Doing a Digital clean up is a great idea. As well as having a respite from Digital medias.

I think a digital detox or clean up is a great idea for several reasons. One of the reasons Susanna mention for doing a digital clean up is because she comes across blogs that wind her up, or that triggers her. Sometimes she reads blogs that fascinates her, but that makes her feel anxious, jealous, competitive, not good enough or less than… all crappy feelings. I can only say that this resonates with me, I have felt the same.

Today however, after thinking about her words, I have been wondering. Is it necessary to eliminate people from our digital life or real life to feel good? Eliminate the person we compare ourselves to, because if not it becomes too much? Is it them or is it us? What if we instead work with ourselves, and our feeling. Ask ourselves why does this thing, this word, this person or blog trigger this funny feeling in me?

I am sure that neither her nor I are the only ones feeling like this. Everyone has funny days when other people’s success gets to us. So if everyone feels the same once in while, is it not better to be together than alone about it? Be together, and learn to live with these funny feelings while we also take strength from eachother, from eachothers creativity, thoughts and energy? Turn it into an upward spiral.

… A few weeks ago I saw the French movie “Ensemble, c'est tout”, with Audrey Tatou and Guillaume Canet (side note: I have just replaced the Clooney poster hanging on the inside of my wardrobe with this to die for cutie!).

The Norwegian name of the movie is “Together we are less alone” (Sammen er vi mindre alene).

Let’s be together about experiencing funny feelings. About not being famous ( for the record: it's OK to be famous if you are). About doing things for the inherit feeling of doing it. Let us work on being content with the everyday encouragement we get from our friends and family. Let us feel good together and crappy together.

All these feeling are part of life. They are part of us. Together we are less alone.

corner view {pondering}

Watching this glass jar reminds me of different summers in the past. Each little thing with its own summer moment that made me pick it up and bring it home. One day when I’m old my jar will be full. I hope it doesn’t fill up too fast. But when the day comes that the jar is full I hope it will be filled to its rim with small and big summer beach moments that makes me smile. That makes me feel content.

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