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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

intentions are not enough...

I had so many good intentions about writing and showing you what I have made lately but time got the best out of me. I have been busy searching for job and finding an available kindergarten (day care) for Astrid. For a while I thought I was going to have to register as “unemployed” but after a dozen of work interviews I finally landed a good job and negotiated my way to a kindergarten for Astrid. I am happy, exhausted and ready for vacation. This means that until august there will be little if not any action on the blog. I miss reading your blogs, leaving comments and staying in touch. I will find time to do that sooner or later. In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful, wonderful vacation filled with sunshine, relaxation, and relaxed crafting. Hugs here from Yonder!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pink ants

I had big lunch & coffee latte plans today together with my friend T. Unfortunately her son might have gotten the chicken pocks and they are waiting for an appointment with the doctor to get it confirmed. Instead of fun girl time over an aubergine salad and warm coffee I’ll have fun girl time together with you while I post a photo of another napkin that I made. This one is for Astrid’s third cousin Iris who lives in Oviedo, a beautiful city in the region Asturias in northern Spain.
Since I’m staying at home I should be cleaning what will be Astrid’s room (still my office and craft room). But it is raining outside…and I just feel like baking chocolate buns and sew.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

napkins and family visit

This coming week will be a one of short posts to show you what I have made in between all the cleaning and nostalgia. First project to be showed off are these napkins that I made before visiting my three cousins MJ, M and D in Madrid. Astrid and I arrived last Friday to stay for the weekend at MJ’s (my oldest cousin) house. Besides being Astrid’s Godmother she is also a super woman and a saint.

She had come home from a business trip in Paris the day before I arrived, her husband was stumbling around on crutches after a painful knee operation and she hadn’t seen her two sons for several days, still she received me with a big smile and lots of energy. And she kept on without a break during the whole weekend. She bought groceries, prepared baby food, showed me her village, whipped up a delicious sea food barbeque and the list goes on and on (…only wish she would have let me helped her a bit). As I already said: super woman and saint.

The napkins were for my cousins’ children in other words Astrid’s second cousins. I met three beautiful boys, Miguel and David the sons of MJ and third, Juan the son of D, MJ’ youngest brother. He became a father to his second son Pablo at six o’clock Sunday afternoon. I missed that by a few hours as my plain left Madrid at seven. Altogether Astrid and I had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, June 05, 2009

treasures and nostalgia

May flew by and I realize I haven’t written a single post. Instead I have done some major spring cleaning. When we moved two years ago I began a new job right away and boxes that should have been looked through, unpacked and ordered were just stowed in the cellar. Do not repeat after me. Unpack right away. If not, those same boxes will hunt you down sooner or later and take a big bite of your... time. It has been quite a journey through forgotten years, some treasures and lots of nostalgia.

I have done some knitting as well but have not had the time, or made the time to upload and post photos. I will soon.