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Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy Boy Vest

I do need to de-stash my yarn baskets. That is this springs mission. A big clean up. And honestly I am not doing too bad (padding myself on the shoulder). In 2008 I made The Cherry Scarf by Helga Isager with thin Alpaca from Du Store Alpakka. It was one of the first things I knitted, and the first thing I knitted for myself. It’s knitted with double threads which gives the scarf a nice density and weight to it. I’m also positively surprised with how well the scarf looks after years of use.
I had a skein and some more left of the blue colour in my basket, (the left over pink/scarlet was used to make this Bella) and decided to make a vest for Andreas since he has grown out of the others he has.

Vests are my absolutely all-time favourite garment for busy children. They are perfect for the Norwegian springs and falls, when it’s too hot to wear a sweater when your are in the sun, and too cold to not wear a sweater when in the shadow. The vest however is perfect, neither too cold nor too hot either way.

As you can see I ran out of blue when there were only a centimetre and a half left of the neck line. A few lines of grey Alpakka saved me from having to rip up the vest and begin all over. Not perfect, but it works.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Quiet days

March is going to be a busy month, and my knitting time is reduced to a minimum.

I have three projects in my basket. Two that are hibernating while the latest one is this left over yarn striped sweater. It’s the same pattern as here and here, but with a difference in how the stripes are distributed. Knitting the same pattern several times makes it easier to be spontaneous when it comes to how the colour changes should be. I like that.

I am a typical follow-the-pattern-exactly- knitter, so this is a much needed exercise. Trusting my instincts and taking a chance. That goes for other parts of my life as well, but perhaps more so when knitting because I am less experienced.

Besides knitting, the never-ending cloudy weather is beginning to affect our energy levels. I am beginning to wonder if the sun will ever appear again. I mean ever.

Have a nice week everyone!