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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

signs of spring

They might seem like small signs but never the less they are very important signs for a spring hungry Norwegian gal.

By the way, I am still alive. I have had an expected and unavoidable setback with my back/shoulder and am under good treatment. We are also busy preparing for renovating our new house. This weekend we get our keys and can begin the work. Photos shall be shared in the future.

Now I'm on to a very longed for cup of tea and visit to your places to see how you'all are doing and how much spring you have around at your place.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

two requests and a pair of baby mittens

Thank you so much everyone for your well wishes, good advice and shared thoughts. It feels special to have so many people care about our well being and share this new adventure with us. Thank you.
Baby mitten made in baby wool for my friend R's daughter
Sarah-Jane and Homebody at Heart have made each their request some blog posts ago. Sarah-Jane would like a neck warmer pattern for grown ups. So I have begun working on one based on her request and perfect for anyone who would likes to be warm around their neck but wants something else than a scarf. I share the pattern once I get happy with the result.

Homebody at Heart has asked me if I could share an apple cake recipe and I can. I just need time to bake it so that I can take photos to accompany the recipe. Cake day will be put on the calendar.

For everyone living in Japan or knowing someone living in Japan, I hope yours ones are doing well. All my Japanese friends and friends living in Japan are good. I love what some artists have come up with this last week to show their thoughts with everyone hit by this tragedy. Check out Gera’s free cross stitch chart “We are with you Japan” and Natascha Rosenberg’s illustration “Hug Japan”.

Wishing everyone a good week!

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

many life changes

They are all good changes but right now life is so busy that I don’t know how to relax when I have some time to do so. I keep finding my shoulders tight up under my ears and no matter how many times I roll them around and try to relax they keep up ending under the ears. I need a massage, yoga class and some relaxing acupuncture, all at the same time. Do you know what I mean?
Jacket made in baby wool for my friend R's daughter

The funny thing is that all the busyness is related to changes that we have wanted for some time and that we are very happy to welcome.

As you might now, I have been day dreaming of a house where I can put a food tray for small birds right outside our kitchen window. Well, in January we bought a house! It is a small “town house”, but still a house. With garden. AND garage!

A garage might not mean much to you (depending on where you live) but for most people living in Oslo it means a million in saved time from driving around the streets looking for somewhere to park the car. During winter it means saved back pain from hours of shovelling snow before parking or before driving away to get the car out from where parked.

The last two weeks have been extremely busy  putting our flat for sale, choosing a real estate company, preparing the flat for the property appraiser, the photographer, and then for the flat viewing. Lots of hard work in short time. It all paid off. Two days after the viewing our flat was sold for more than the asking price. Happy, happy, happy!

In the midst of all this I left a job on Friday and began a new one on Tuesday. Today was my second day and I am so very content with the change I have done. Life is great. It was already good, now it is even better.

We get the keys for our new house in the beginning of April. There are several things we need to do with it before moving in (in June) but that I’ll save for another day. Now I’ll go on with my shoulder rolling and yoga.

Happy Thursday!

Ravelry link to jacket