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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a flower for you

Thank you so much for all the congratulations in regards to our wedding in June. Your sweet words and kindness are heartfelt. I am grateful for having friends around the world, some closer some further afar (and some in Yonder), that keeps in touch by visiting and leaving inspiring, encouraging and beautiful words. Thank you for letting me know that you are happy for us.

Peonies are among my favourite flowers together with roses and ranunculus. My bridal bouquet will be made of peonies and roses (no more wedding talk, I promise!), so I want to share this video of an opening peony with you as a thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

photoworkshop {colour story}

With a toddler in house the days at a coffee shop with a mint tea & milk or latte are long gone.

Nowadays I make my own tea- and coffee shop at home.

{unfocused & square image}

As soon as she begins tugging at her ear I draw the curtains in her room, and prepare her for a nap. Her naps are my me-time.

{diptych and complement colour}

My time to cuddle up in our green sofa propped up by pillows, with a hot cuppa’. My time to dip a cookie in the tea while dreaming of how I used to travel around the world.

Coffee and tea shops are a small sacrifice to have this little princess in my life

{person in image & shooting off center}

If you would like to read what the assignment is or you would like to see more photos, visit C & C's blog where you can find links to other bloggers on the right side

Sunday, April 11, 2010

photoworkshop {composition and perspective}

These are the photos I took for our second photo assignment. This assignment focused on composition and perspective by taking photos of a still life. Perhaps it sounds easy but I found it difficult. My still life is personal and that made it that much more difficult to shoot. My still life is also partly reason why I am having a hard time doing and posting the assignments on time.

This Easter holiday after a lovely dinner at one of my favourite places in Costa Brava Mr. Yonder took out a small box of his pocket. Inside was this beautiful ring and he asked me to marry him.

After eight years together I know that this is me winning the lottery. I am in love with this man.

{as the eye sees it}

{birds eye}

{close up & different angle}

{close up & different angle}

{off center using negative space}


In June we will have our church wedding in a small fishing village north of Barcelona, the same place were he proposed and the same place where he once told me that I am the light that illuminates his life.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

recharged batteries

I'm back! We spent Easter holiday in Spain, visiting Girona and Barcelona. Which means this year we lived the “going abroad and doing a visiting friends and family-marathon” version of Easter with a dash of outdoor beer and green olives. We were blessed with sun and blue skies and after a long winter I feel that my batteries are charged with new energy.

On our way home on Sunday we came early to the airport. I was afraid to get bored, but there were so many pretty and fun things to watch that the time flew. These are photos from terminal 1, the new terminal in “El Prat” the airport in Barcelona.

I love its light, the lines, the reflections of the floor and the quietness.

Colourful summer tunica’s and gowns from Desigual

teas from Natura

And funky jam rythms from Lewis Larke Band that made me and Astrid twist our dance foot.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

our versions of easter

For the right Easter feeling to come along there are certain ingredients or props that are necessary or that at least helps. We have several versions of Easter each version with its own particular ingredients or props.

We have the “on the mountain skiing” version, or the “feels like we are the only ones left in the city, and having our first outdoor beer” version, and finally we have the “going abroad and doing a visiting friends and family-marathon” version.

However some props and ingredients are common for all versions: chocolate, audio theatre crime stories, marzipan covered with chocolate, soft cover crime fiction, cross word puzzles, red wine and knitting.

Happy Easter everyone!