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Sunday, October 31, 2010

sunny sunday walk

Today we took a Sunday walk along Carl Johan the main avenue in Oslo. I love cold sunny days, and the golden colour on the leaves high lighted by the sun.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

baby jacket

I have been a committed knitter during my absence from blogging. This baby jacket is for my cousin’s baby. She is the most adorable little girl you can imagine. The jacket will keep her warm and pretty on cold winter days.

As a knitter that only begun knitting seriously (… that sounds silly, have you ever heard of an unserious knitter?) about two years ago I am quite proud of having made this jacket. I would never have thought I would get this far with my knitting. Every new project I take on teaches me something new.

This jacket taught me that I should never be afraid to try patterns that look difficult. If it is too difficult you can always stop knitting and use the yarn for something else. And if it is not overwhelming and you conquer the challenge then you end up with a sweet jacket and one bar more on the knitters self-esteem chart.

For details on the pattern visit Ravelry

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second hand days

Fall brings with it second hand markets. I love them. In Drøbak they have an outdoor market with lots of almost not resistable things. Look at these beauties. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

September in Yonder

What I thought would be a summer break from blogging has turned into several silent months. I want to go back to normal blogging but it seems I’m out of words and things I think interesting to share. And then I read your blogs and realize there are tons of things I want to share with you. So I will start writing my 1-2 posts a week again. Today I share a photo summary of September.

spending time in the garden with friends and neighbours.

our friends F & A's wedding in Barcelona.

cleanup crew.

partying after the ceremony. This has been one big party summer (... meaning two parties, our own wedding included). I feel young again.

This bar in the Born area of Barcelona is owned and run by an Australian. They made excellent mojitos!

a sunday walk in the sun.

smelling the jasmine.

outdoor family dinner.

at the market bying ingredients for making panellets.

I wasn't the only one druling over these candies

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wedding in Yonder

{the village}

{preparation time with the girls}

{Hotel El Far}

{Fideua - energy to last a long day}


{the groom ariving to the chapel}

{sweet music}

{the tradition}

{my peonies and roses}

{the party begins}

{the sun setting}

Monday, October 04, 2010

Wedding in Yonder

I don’t really know what to write this time…

We had planned this day for a year. It was time consuming, we planned it in Yonder, really we did. Neither here nor there, but with the help of internet and telephone we did it somewhere inbetween. We argued. A test. Yet another test of our relationship. We got to know eachother better (there is always something to learn). We are stronger now. Better prepared for the next test. I  had a couple of bridezilla moments (but just a few).

And then the day was there. We were determened to enjoy it. Everyone already married told us it would go by fast. We were more determined to enjoy. Every little bit of it. Every little thing. And we did.

It was a beautiful day.
One that we will never forget.
One that still makes us happy inside when we think of it.

What was the best part you ask? ...It must be seeing the happy faces of our family and friends. Feeling their happiness and love for us. Seeing and feeling how they enjoyed the day every bit as much as we did.

Oh, and of course … seeing our friends (and some family members) going bananas on the dance floor as if no one was watching!