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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New knitting bag and new friends

Did I show you my knew knitting bag? No, I didn’t did I. Well here it is. Besides being made with gorgeous fabrics bought at my favourite fabric store in Barcelona (I’ll tell you about the fabric store in a later blog post), what makes it special is that it was a gift from my new friend Alicia behind the blog Ganxetades. She’s a blog friend that I met this summer while visiting BCN. This is the second time I meet someone in real life that I have first known through Blogland. And I must say, I feel lucky to get to know so lovely people through this place.

Did you see the beautiful detail on the shoulder strap? I love details like that. Small quirky details on simple designs.

We spent an afternoon together in Barcelona where she showed me a beautiful yarn shop, introduced me to more nice Spanish knitters and took me to my dream fabric store.

Now go and take a look at all the beautiful things she makes. After that come back in a day or two to see the beautiful yarn shop she showed me.

Have a nice week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good bye summer, hello fall

Welcome back back after a long summer break and renewal of energy. Since last, I’ve knitted (of course), bathed, eaten ice cream, spent time with old friends, met new friends, had a few GT’s, enjoyed the sun and turned 40. Yes, I am finally 40! And so far it is working out fine.

My once a upon gospel choir- and high school friend Anja gave me this beautiful lithography for my birthday. She is a talented, beautiful, generous and inspiring soul. Not afraid to live life and not afraid to be who she is …or perhaps her true bravery, is to be who you are despite of being afraid. Well, that’s her.

If you live near the Oslo area, I recommend visiting the art gallery she founded in 2008 “Pikene ved broen”, to see some of the beautiful art she makes and the beautiful work by other talented artists.

Before I begin to share my knits and photos with you this fall I would just like to say welcome back and “Drink your tea with tenderness”.