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Thursday, May 06, 2010

corner view {gardens}


This week’s corner view theme is gardens. We don’t have a garden. Instead we have an ok sized balcony slash terrace. This is where we do our gardening. With spring arriving slowly this year we still haven’t prepared our garden with fresh plants. The cold nights would end any plant we would buy. For now last falls plants will linger on a bit more.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

sunday spring

On Sunday we had our first spring day. The light was bright and sharp. Not perfect photo light, but definitely perfect spring light.

While I have observed spring coming to everyone else’s blogs, here spring is taking it’s time this year. Yesterday it snowed. From I woke up until noon and then some. But I know that winter is loosing this tug war.

There will be more days like Sunday.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

photo workshop {light & abstract}

These are the photos I took for the last assignment from C & C’ photo workshop. It has been such a fun ride, one I would love to do again

{as close as you can}

{as close as you can}


{different angle}




{your favorite taken during the workshop & and why}

This is one of my favorites. I am not sure why. I love the light and shadow around the scalloped edges of the cookie. I like the old feeling to the photo. I like the red and white together and the different lines and shapes.

One last thing....
list 3 things learned, gained or observed:

1. I learned that by leaving the automatic mode of my camera and taking control of the aperture and shutter speed I get the result I'm aiming for quicker.

2. I gained experience by doing things outside of my comfort zone. Like setting up still lifes as opposed to having still lifes "finding mye eye".

3. I observed that by adding a landscape photo or an overview photo to my macro's I can tell a story better.

Thank you so much Carolyn and Camilla for giving us so many fun and challenging assignments! I enjoyed sharing this with everyone else who participated. I loved seeing everyone elses photos and interpretations of the assignments. And I enjoyed the detailed feedback. This was my first workshop, but not the last!