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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fall Coat in Spring

Ironically enough, I began knitting the fall coat from Pickles during spring. It is in fact the warmest spring in years. We have had amazing (summer) temperatures these last two weeks. 20c in April is not common around here. The nice weather has definitely influenced my knitting time, which has been reduced to a minimum. Not only because of the weather but mostly because of it.

I have spent the last days outdoors, in the garden with my family and with what must be among Oslo’s most helpful, friendly and super neighbourhoods. The children play together in the back yard and when they eventually fall asleep in their beds after a long day, the grownups rest their behinds while sipping wine and sharing good conversations. I love my neighbourhood.

Now the weather is back to normal again and I need to pick up the needles to finish the coat. I am having some struggles with the i-cord bind off. I might ventilate my frustration and ask for help in a day or two (just have to try once more on my own first).

Have a nice 1st of May!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

We are enjoying the last day of this year’s Easter holiday. For once, after we had children, we were supposed to spend Easter in a cabin I can rent through my work place. But, yours truly managed to reserve the cabin for the wrong weekend! Can you imagine the joy and laughter when I told the other three family members that we were not going to a cabin after all (well it’s more like the other two, because Andreas didn’t understand much of it). Well try… Not fun.

Fortunately, city Easter has not been bad at all. The city is never as quiet and calm as during Easter and the sun has blessed us with its warm rays every day. We have gone for long walks, worked in the garden, read books, listened to Easter radio shows (“Påskelabyrinten” and “Radioteaterets Påskekrim”), played games and had Easter dinner with good neighbours. Oh, and of course, the Easter bunny came with Easter eggs filled with chocolate and candy (how could I forget to mention that).

If you would like to see more photos from our Easter, visit me on Instagram #lifeinyonder. I finally made the Insta leap. I don’t now how I didn’t do this sooner? I love photos. Of course I should have joined Insta sooner. Anyhow better late than never.

How was your Easter week? Were you in the city, in the mountain or by the coast? What makes it Easter for you?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tea & Silence

Finally Friday again! Although I should not complain. I have worked from home today, which means I can enjoy one of my favourite teas while I read, and write and re-write until the documents I am working on are as I think they ought to be.

I am enjoying the silence and the sunlight. The ticking from the wall hanging kitchen clock. The birch outside my kitchen window, which is full of buds ready to burst into green leaves. I am longing for spring.

Happy Friday to you too!

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Small Collector Sweater

This is another left over yarn project. The collector sweater is for Andreas so he can put his small treasures found when playing outdoors in his pocket. The pocket is big enough for him to put small treasures in it and small enough for him not to fill the house with them.

It is knitted with the very last left over Gjestal yarn that I used to both this and this sweater. I have never knitted pockets on garments before (it is not part of the pattern), but I enjoy learning new things so searching around the web to learn how to knit pockets was fun.

It took me a few attempts to get the pocket the way I wanted (I wanted the rib of the pocket to be diagonal), but nothing too difficult or discouraging. Doing and redoing is part of the learning experience, right? These are the different tips and tricks I found in case you want to see them as well.

Have a nice week!