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Monday, June 07, 2010

last month was all about...

Time has just flown these last weeks and everyday life suddenly got filled up with, wedding plans, a daughter who has learned to open every drawer in the house, a project management exam due on two weeks and a full time job.

Since last time lots of things have happened in-between all the above. I’ll share last months happenings in photos and a few lines.

The sun came out

We played hide and seek

We ate waffles together with neighbours until our bellys couldn't fit one more heart of waffle.

We celebrated the 17th of May (Norways national day) by waving our flag

by marching togehter with the band

by watching and admiring all the beautiful craft on these national costumes (bunader)

by admiring more beautiful stiches

and by eating ice cream. All this together with friends that measn a lot to us.

We have walked in the woods and seen these beautful & relaxed sheeps

We accidently came across this concert with the woman that sing songs that cheers me up and makes me smile.

We barbequed together with some lovely neighbours. Which reminds me we need to buy a "bring a long barbeque" instead of these "one time use & throw away barbeques".

And the tulips are blooming