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Monday, November 19, 2012

You are almost right...

…but he is not on is way.

He is here!

After trying for several years the “natural way”, last fall I underwent IVF treatment in the pursuit of our second child. In November we finally succeeded and this summer, august 2nd our little boy arrived.

I know people usually share news like this a lot sooner. I had several reasons for holding back. One of them was worrying if everything would turn out well. Perhaps because it took us a long time to become pregnant I had more “what if everything doesn’t work out” thoughts during this pregnancy.

For each milestone (week 12 when risk of abortion is reduced, and then later on week 25 when the survival rate for premature babies increases) I have thought "now is the time to share", but then changed my mind
- just in case. Well no more just in case. He is here!

See how much he looks like his sister
He came five days prior to due date. What started and almost finished like a normal birth (v- birth) ended up in a dramatic C-section. I prefer v-birth a hundred time over c-section, but due to the circumstances I am happy the doctors made the decision they made. We spent six days at the paediatric intensive care before they let us bring our little bundle home. I have enjoyed every single day after that.

…do you think one can kiss and hug a baby too much?

Monday, November 05, 2012

blue and white

The mini sweater I began knitting in October is almost done. I am definitely in a serious stripe phase. I just love stripes, both knitting them and how they make a garment look.

The downside to stripes is the binding off. Now the fun begins…

By the way, did you notice the colour of my mini sweater?