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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hat marathon intermission

I wanted to show you the two hats I knitted since last time; but guess what? I forgot to take photos while we had day light this weekend.

The days are so short now that when I am home from work there is not enough light. Wintertime forces me to plan my posts and photo taking rigorously (good-bye spontaneity).

Now I will have to wait until Saturday to take photos and show you the first two knitted hats from the hat marathon.

Instead of hats, today I’ll share photos from our apple-pealing, cutting and baking day a few weeks ago.

Look at how concentrated she is while peeling and cutting those apples.

We picked the last apples from our trees and made apple jam together with mini-pies.

after an hour of peeling and cutting

we could finally begin making the pies

We shared them with our neighbours who loved both the evening surprise and the smell of cinnamon and fresh from the oven apple pies (yes, we are those kind of neighbours...although to my defence, it is merely an altruistic return for all the times we have received either sour dough bread, Indian oven baked aubergines or apple crumble pie… Did I mention I LOVE my neighbourhood?).

The pies disappeared in a “swoosh”. The jam on the other hand, will be enjoy throughout the winter. Either as jam or as apple compote with Vanilla sauce, which is our favourite made-in-no-time dessert.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hat marathon 2013 begins

“Hat marathon 2013” begins. I have lots of newly bought yarn to knit up before Christmas.

This one is inspired by the colours of our stairs, the mushrooms in our garden and the yellow leafs from the birch outside our kitchen window. It is one of my favourite colour combinations this fall.

I am making the pattern as I knit along and writing down what I do, in case I like the result and want to repeat. I tend to regret it if I forget to write down how I made something. Someone once told me that it’s better to regret the things you do than the things you don’t. At least when it comes to knitting and writing down patterns I agree.

I like my hats to be tight, snuggly and warm around the ears, and then what happens after that depends on the mood and the current inspiration.

What kind of knitted hats are you in the mood for this fall?

Friday, November 01, 2013

Colours of fall

I am collecting inspiration from my garden and my doorstep. I absolutely love the colours of fall.

Our garden I full of these mushrooms. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about mushrooms. I know that fly agaric is very poisonous, and I have a darning mushroom that looks like a fly agaric, that’s about it.

I wish I did know more... imagine if these are delicious eatable mushrooms? I could make mushroom pies and invite the neighbours. Imagine what we are missing every single fall for not knowing enough about mushrooms.

How are you mushrooms skills?

Do you know what kind of mushrooms these are, and if they are eatable or not?

Wish you a nice weekend!